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Early winter essential woolen coat with elegant and fashion style

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/14/2012

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People always like wearing a wool coat in winter, walking in the coffee shops, parks, riverside benches you can see wearing a coat figure. Coats can always just the right reveals stylish beauty, fresh and elegant, and coats have the most outstanding temperament. Now our wholesale clothing online shop also provide all kinds of wool coats in winter.

Brown woolen coat, standing upright sense lines, smooth cut style, fresh and natural, elegant and moving worn on the body. Between walking in the city, filled with elegant fashion taste, with printed shirt, coupled with a scarf, warm and practical. Personality pants with black tights and black high-heeled boots, casual ease. Of course, bags and scarves of the same color to show taste.

Hair the lapel off-white woolen coat, exquisite colors, glowing small fresh temperament sense, it is suitable for Petty female wear, a kind of literary style. Black fur collar and cuffs design, looked at it was warm, inside the ride Slim knit skirt coupled with black stockings, boots, elegant Han Fan child beauty to ride best highlight temperament.

Fur collar hooded jacket, orange extraordinarily fresh and seductive, especially in autumn and winter wear bright colors, break the the seasonal flu desolate taste, bright colors can highlight the good color coupled with feet pants and high-heeled boots, which take the white shirt bottoming look good.

Large white lapel dark blue woolen coat, collar, of course is the biggest bright spot of this dress, highlighting the unique sense of design, which take the orange shirt, under wear black tights, black boots, the perfect body to wear out.

Lotus leaf collar long coat jacket mint color, regardless of color or style, very elegant and refined, but also highlights the clothing fashion sense to wear jeans, high-heeled shoes, white shirt inside the ride to work so wear a lot of flavor.

The elegant wedding dress, a fresh sense of full color, thick warm fur collar hooded style make this coat more sense of design, floral skirt and knitted cardigan inside the ride, under wear black stockings, black flat-bottomed shoes, delicate lady.

The woolen coat with wholesale fashion style, warm and thick, fresh and elegant colors very good with clothes. Plus belt design, outline the perfect body line, with brown tights, boots, instantly piercing elegant taste.

Gray dovetail pendulum woolen coat, this coat design unique charm, asymmetric skirt design, the rear like a cocked tail triumphantly.

Fur collar woolen coat, red heart-warming even more refreshing sense of festival is very suitable to wear big red festive eye-catching, which take the leopard dress, the accompanied black stockings, leopard shoes, very good-looking.

Wholesale fashion dresses has always been the most beautiful autumn and winter fashion landscape, of course, this winter should defeat a do metal decorative buttons, a little personality taste, which take the high collar bottoming shirt and black pencil skirt, black tights, black The Boots, office workers wear very suck Clear

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