Earth Day Ideas for Kids

This year, Earth Day fell on Wednesday, 22nd April. It’s past now, but perhaps you already like some suggestions how to keep your kids busy at this special day on which they learn about our planet and how to take care of it.

Schools will probably pay attention to Earth Day in their program, and children will be taught how to recycle paper and how not to waste it anymore, how to reduce waste, to engage in care for nature. But there are things that you can do at home.

A good thing to teach young children is that they’ll have to see things differently. When they are eating chips out of a bag, or put cereals into their bowl, … could they use the material (box, bag, empty carton) for other things? A few examples:

  • mesh bags (like the kind where onions are packaged in) can be re-used to help our feathered friends make their nest. Just stuff the mesh bag with some dried grass, hairs from the brush, a bit of yarn or string, … and hang the bag at a spot where the birds can easily get to it. And then watch how they collect and use your input to make their nest!
  • milk cartons can equally be used to make bird feeders or bird baths. They can be easily cut and you can decorate them however you like. The handle makes hanging on trees very easy
    plastic yoghurt containers are great to use as paint cups. Mom (or Dad) can best cut a hole in the lid for the brushes and this will reduce spilling. Then use another lid to save the paint for later.
  • old plastic jugs (from drinks or detergents) can be re-used to play kick ball, or to float in the pool
    the same jugs can also be used to make bath tub fishes. Just be careful that the edges are not too sharp, you don’t want to see your kid hurt.

Kids can also celebrate Earth Day with unique crafts. A few examples:

  • when you live near the beach, you can have the kids crafting sand-filled bottles, which will be a great souvenir
  • building sand sculptures by using sand (from a day to the beach?), water and cornstarch to make it last
  • as kids love collecting almost everything (shells, pinecones, …) they can use these to build a mobile
    reeds and flowers can be used to make a unique wreath
  • fallen leaves (yes, sometimes they do fall in spring or summer, too) can be used to make stamps which give a different look
  • why not save up broken crayons and make a new one? You do this by peeling the paper off the old crayon pieces and then place paper muffin liners into a muffin tin. Place the crayons into the muffin liners, but be careful not to put in too much. Heat the crayons in a 200° oven until they are completely melted. Let it cool and remove.

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