Earth Friendly Diapers

Many parents are searching for baby products that are environmentally friendly. Traditional disposable diapers are not at all environmentally friendly. They can take several hundred years to decompose after they make their way to a landfill. Diapers are often harsh on a little baby’s sensitive skin, making them less than baby friendly.

There are products on the market that are gentle for the environment and for baby. One obvious option is to use cloth diapers. Cloth diapers do not contain the chemicals that parents find in disposable diapers. Baby’s usually have a happier time and healthier skin with cloth diapers. And, of course, they do not fill up the landfill. Parents keep reusing cloth diapers.

With more innovations in baby products, cloth diapers are not the only earth friendly option. Parents can find diapers that are flushable and/or diapers that are made of materials that are primarily biodegradable. They will not lay around the landfill for hundreds of years.

Earth friendly diapers can be purchased online. You can find products that suit your family’s needs by searching for ‘earth friendly diapers.’ Many health food stores and other health stores offer environmentally friendly baby products including earth friendly diapers. Keep in mind that many of these diapers will cost more than disposable diapers in the long run. Consider the money worth the investment as you help to protect the environment for your child’s future.

Three of the most popular environmentally kind diapers include: gDiapers, 7th Generation and Tendercare. Gdiapers offer a solution that is good for the environment and baby. Parents must purchase outer pants that are made out of cotton. These are reusable and hold a refillable diaper insert. These inserts are not like other diapers. They can be used in a compost pile if they are only wet diapers. Any of the diaper inserts can be flushed down the toilet just like toilet paper. The diapers do not use chlorine or latex. They are gentle for the baby being non hypoallergenic.

Another choice for parents looking for Mother Earth friendly diapers, are the 7th Generation diapers. These diapers are also free of latex, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. They are also designed to be kind to the baby’s skin and not to cause allergies. Tendercare diapers are one of the other most popular choices for parents looking for diapers that are kinder to the environment. They are made from woodpulp. This material is gathered in a renewable forest. The forest is not being destroyed to make the diapers. As with the other products, the Tendercare diapers do not have fragrances, latex or chlorine. They are made of materials that are not harmful to the baby or toxic to the environment.

You can try more than one earth friendly diaper brand in order to find the style that works best for your baby. Shop for products that are friendly to your baby’s skin, the environment and also your pocketbook. You can search for other earth friendly baby products for your little bundle of joy too.


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