Ease Allergy Suffering By Greening Your Room


Authored by Jeremy Siek in Diseases 
Published on 12-18-2008

It is estimated that we spend at least a third of our lives in our bedrooms. Many of our bedrooms are full of pollens and other items that give us allergic reactions and cause other medical problems. Take the steps to remove the allergens from your bedroom home and you may find your feeling better each day.

Remember that curtains, carpeting and abetting all harbor allergens. Remove as many of these items as possible to cut down on the amount of the allergens that stay in the room. You have to think about all of the fabric in the room this includes an extra clothing that might not be use the season extra pillows, decorative fabric as well as any blankets in the room. Storing these ideas in plastic containers is one of the best ways of keeping dust and other allergens off of them.

Carpeting is the absolute worst harbor of allergens. Everything falls on the carpet. Studies are also showing the vacuum cleaners do not pick out as much as we thought they did in the past. There are many beautiful hardwood styles that are easily installed and are very affordable. This type of flooring, as well as tile and vinyl flooring don’t hold on the allergens and can be easily swept and cleaned with a mop. You may be surprised when you remove the carpeting that there is already a beautiful floor underneath.

Cloth blinds and curtains hold on to allergens for many years. Consider replacing these with wooden or vinyl blinds that can be easily cleaned.

Plants are a great way of cleaning the air. Consider bringing new were as houseplants into your room, especially non flowering varieties. Plants consume what we breathe out and they expel pure oxygen. Plants also bring life and color to a room which is just as good for your mind as it is your body.

Create a layer between you and dust mites in your bed by using covers over your pillows, box spring and mattress.

Take your bedding outside on warm sunny days to air them out. The sun naturally bleaches colors, so don’t leave them out all day. Consider air drying your clothes, bedding and blankets after doing the wash. When we used the clothes dryer, allergens are transfers from load to load. Clothes line drying allows allergens to blow away.

Do regular cleanings of the room and wipe down all hearts services as well as the floor with a green and non chemical cleaner. Some store by cleaners have harsh chemicals that are in good for our health. Vinegar is a very good natural cleaner and the smell will dissipate within a few minutes.

Getting an air purifier could be an option, but consider the amount of energy consumed compared to how much cleaner the room would be if you just wiped everything down.

It isn’t difficult to reduce your allergy suffering by Greening up your room. Don’t spend the rest of your nights breathing in the things that make your feel unhealthy.


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