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Easily legs desire

  • By qingxiao qingxiao
  • Published 05/4/2012

 The perfect curve is our common pursuit, but often things are not so smooth, often be destruction by thick thighs, and the bucket back. We all hate the thick thighs, take a look online, general abdominal weight loss is very much. Very few on the legs to lose weight. But many of us have been plagued by leg weight loss. Next we look at the legs lose weight now. zixiutang bee pollen Weight loss may be our life lessons, but we for our perfect body, we will insist to do so. In order to make the thigh slimming exercise 30 minutes each time. At least 3-5 times a week. Adhere to below the middle and moderate-intensity exercise. Reaches 60% of the maximum exercise intensity, you can burn more fat. If you feel a bit hard to maintain this level of exercise, the first small amount of exercise carried out. And then slowly strengthened. You can also exercise intensity and time flexibility. bee pollen diet pills If exercise intensity is lower and more easily, increase the exercise time consumption of fat, walk for 1 hour and running 20 minutes, the effect is the same. There are a lot of time to perfect body weight loss often regardless of the consequences. Before implementation of the exercise program. Best to let the doctor give you a physical examination, then an easy exercise intensity and no adverse reactions. After exercise can be gradually increased, but the average weekly increase in exercise time should not exceed 20%. bee pollen for weight loss Self-training is the best way to exercise the end of the body to return to normal within 1 hour. In order to prevent some parts of the body injured during a workout. You can do some preparatory activities, such as the place slowly run a few minutes or do and do stretching exercises. The best time to exercise is about 1-2 hours before meals. For example, early in the morning and afternoon. Our pursuit of perfection is not wrong to get damage to their own physical health, but in the pursuit of perfection is not on, so when weight loss must pay attention to of the combination of the conditions of their own choosing a healthy way to lose weight. The only way that suits them the most effective. I hope our weight loss method you can also be helpful. 59ab4a736e3e56615fff977fa409ff36-3408130

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