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Easy Cake Recipes For Cookery Novices

If, like me, you consider yourself to be something of a novice when it comes to baking of any description, you probably won’t be looking to create an extravagant and luxurious, many layered gateau on your first attempt. Instead, it is more likely that you will be looking to find easy cake recipes whereby you can start at the very bottom and work your way up.

Nowadays there are no end of resources to assist you with easy cake recipes. Whether it is a basic cookbook from your local library or just a few minutes scouring the internet, you will never find it a challenge to track down some simple and effective recipe ideas. At first, it is always a good idea to concentrate on simple sponges: e.g. a delicious Victoria sponge which the whole family are guaranteed to love; providing you get it right, of course.

It is very important that you learn to follow the directions and weights and measures in the recipe to the letter. Do not think that you might know better – these recipes are often tried and tested over literally decades – so learn to trust what you are reading on the page. Follow all of the steps and hopefully you will produce a simple cake that will instil heaps of confidence into you to go ahead and try again in the future.

If, for whatever reason, your first attempt to bake a cake has proven to be something of a disaster – don’t let this be the end to things. Remember that this was merely your first attempt and you cannot really hope for perfection after just one stab at it. Make sure you try again very soon and hopefully you will tend to notice that there really is some truth in that age old saying: practice makes perfect.

Once you have learnt how to bake easy cake recipes well, graduate on to more advanced ideas. Look at making cakes with multiple layers – filled with fresh cream and fruits, for example. Try your hand at chocolate cakes or perhaps lemon drizzle or carrot – there really are many different flavours to choose between.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about easy cake recipes



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