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Easy ways to christmas decoration

  • By Derrick Stickney
  • Published 06/14/2011
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Still wondering how to put up all kinds of dazzling ornaments to create a Christmas atmosphere? It would be just a piece of cake if you make preparations some time before the holiday when you can buy inexpensive decorations on discount, and before you are squeezed in a large crowd and have to shove your way out.   Before you go shopping, just think about two basic points: places that need decorations and styles you want to make. First, places that need decking up just include indoors and outdoors, right? So the next step is to make detailed plans. It can save you a lot if time is available for you to make things prepared before hand and buy much cheaper things in a non-holiday season, like stockings, cards, bows, ribbons, candy cane, lights, wreaths, etc. which you could put on the Christmas tree(natural or an artificial one, never mind) or just anywhere around the house. Do not hesitate to ask the children to put on accessories on the tree who are happy to help on the holiday and creative to hang rings, bells, ribbons, cards, even their little toys or tech gadgets.   Along with buying these ornaments from stores, you can also make things by yourself, like paintings or cross-stitches about Jesus encased in a frame, flower petals or silver textiles made of old fabrics to be placed on the mantelpiece. It would also give a personal and unique touch to the décor if some snow ball music boxes or floating scented candles are found. As for the outdoors, things would be much easier. Greeneries like the heart-shaped leaves of ivy, holly or just some green branches you pick up from somewhere could be spread over your courtyard or balconies, then use lights to make it shining but ask for professional help since it involves electricity. The last but the very important thing is to set a life size figure of Santa in front of your door, or utilize waste materials like red silk or cottons to make one if you want to be special. The colors you display the decorated house and the ways you arrange all these above things would finally form your style.   If you are sick of shopping and just want to make things simple, try to use materials that are bright and special to deck up your home, but do not forget Santa and evergreen alternatives.  Don’t you like to have your own -replica pens at very affordable price? 8e19482533d0ef4e22dbeaa2facc311d-4509643

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by Derrick Stickney



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