Ebook Creator Software Comparison

EBooks abound on the internet. Ebooks are used for a variety of reasons. Many people will use them to impart information about any number of subjects. They are in short, electronic books.

EBooks were initially used for specialized groups, usually technical manuals, educational materials, and other such subjects. Adobe PDF was used quite a bit in the beginning to create Ebooks, now though there are several software solutions to create these electronic books.

EBook Maker:

This software is an eBook compiler software. What this means is that it HTML files, mp3 files, Java, and video files into a single executable (.exe) file.

EBook Maker uses Internet Explorer to open the .exe file to allow one to read the eBook. This way, the reader is not required to install any special software to read the book.

EBook Creator will help you to create eBooks, eZines, catalogues and more. You just need to save your information to an HTML file, and the software will convert the files into a readable executable file.
EBook Creator has the ability to compress eBook files, to save space, and download bandwidth.

Authors can protect their work by making the eBook safe from download or copy, and can also make the eBook expire at a certain time.

EBook Creator is made by Antssoft, and is available for a trial download, or may be purchased for $39.95. It will work with Windows XP, and Vista, no word on a Windows 7 specific version.

eBook Pack Express

This is another eBook complier, which also compiles HTML, audio and video files and converts them to an executable file. As with EBook Maker, eBook Pack Express uses Internet Explorer as a readymade book reader.

You can try the software for free, and then register it to unlock features that are blocked until a serial number is keyed in.

Two versions of eBook Pack Express are available. The Standard edition sells for $29.00, and the Professional with more bells and whistles, for $79.00. Those bells and whistles include expiration setting ability, and you can password protect the eBook. Apart from that, there is not much else difference between the two.

Made by Caislabs Software, eBook Pack Express is compatible with Windows XP, and Vista.

There are some free eBook compilers available.

One is EBook Maestro.

It has many of the same features of the other software discussed above, such as the facility to convert various audio, and video formats, but also gives you a way to protect copyrighted material. This is complete freeware, which does not cost you a dime. Beware, however as the old saying says, “you get what you pay for!”

exe-eBook Creator

This is another freeware program.

This software is much like the others, aside from the fact that it is free. This one however is specific to TreePad files which are derived from a program similar to Microsoft Office.It has a Personal Information Manager, Database, and Word Processing software.

EBook creation software programs are much the same. Look for one that is low cost, and has all of the protection features you want. Something to consider when searching for free programs, make certain that the software you are downloading is actually free, and not simply a free trial which if you like the software, you must purchase the full version.


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