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Ebook Profits Building A Profitable Online Business Based On Your Ebook

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 09/14/2008
  • Writing

Many people ask me if you can really make a living by selling just one eBook on the internet. The answer is maybe, but that depends on a variety of factors. It will usually be best to think of your eBook as a starting place to financial freedom online, instead of the end of the line. Writing an eBook on your niche topic positions you as an expert in your field, adding credibility to what you have already been doing. As an author you are perceived very differently and opportunities will come your way that you may never have expected or dreamed of before. I have built my entire business based on just one eBook – one about how to write and market your eBook and how to use the technology necessary to build an online business. I write articles about this topic, maintain a blog, hold teleseminars, and use social networking to communicate my message to the world. In fact, these are the four cornerstones and building blocks of my business. Once you lay the groundwork in these four areas you will be on your way to a profitable business.

Almost every single day I write a new article. These articles share a piece of my knowledge and expertise, as well as my perspective on eBook writing and internet marketing. You can combine articles you have written on your topic into a short report or an eBook. Eac

h article will also lead your readers back to your blog or sales page where they can find out even more about who you are, what you do, and how they can get involved to learn more from you. This will lead to sales of your eBook as you build up your credibility and visibility on the internet. Blogging is also essential if you want to write and sell an eBook. A blog starts a conversation on your eBook’s topic between you and your readers. Encourage visitors to your blog to leave their comments and feedback so that you will know exactly what they want. Remember that people buy based on their emotions. This means that they will purchase your eBook more easily if you give them the information they want, not the information you believe they need. Wants and needs are two very different things. Social networking allows you to connect with people from around the world who are interested in your niche. You can share information with them and invite them to read your articles and blog posts. In a very short period of time you will have thousands of people who are prospects for the purchase of your eBook because they have taken an active interest in your niche topic.

Teleseminars are the final piece of the eBook marketing world. When others hear your voice and you answer their questions, it is the next best thing to meeting them in person. Utilize these four methods and you will be on your way to eBook profits.


Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit http://www.EbookWritingandMarketingSecrets.com to find out more.

by Connie Ragen Green



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