Eco Friendly Clothing

Are you concerned about global warming, climate change and pollution that is harming Mother Earth? As an environment conscious individual you too can make a difference to the world by adopting eco friendly clothing.

Green Clothing

Popularly known as green clothing, this apparel is made of recycled and environment friendly materials such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, corn, poplin and tencel instead of polyester, synthetic materials and rayon.

Eco Friendly yet Fashionable

Adopting eco friendly clothes will not force you to compromise on your fashion sense. These clothes are available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns just like the non green clothing. Fashion designers who are conscious of their social responsibility have incorporated eco friendly materials in their fashionable clothing line. You can make a fashion statement with eco friendly clothes and at the same time contribute to keep the planet clean and beautiful.

Eco Friendly Clothes for All

Eco friendly baby clothes include Onesie, footies, sleeping gowns, pants, sweaters and cardigans all made of bamboo or other organic material. Vividly colored, creative green tops, bottoms and socks are available for men and women as well. Trendy green clothes like organic embroidered jeans are available for young adults so that they can go green and still keep up with the fashion flavors of the season.

Varieties of green casual wear and business wear have flooded the market. Del Forte Denim made out of soft and supple organic cotton and spandex has become a craze among buyers due to its comfortable, stylish yet eco friendly nature.

Recently an eco friendly dress that disappears when washed has been invented. It is being hailed as a solution to discarded waste clothing that is heaped in landfill sites.

Some Shopping Tips

You must ensure that the eco friendly clothes you pick up are authentic and the label has an ‘organic certification’ by USDA. The label on the green clothing you buy must sport a fair trade logo which means its fabric was made by workers who got fair wages. A label confirming that organic dyes were used in the clothing cannot be entirely relied on. So pick up green clothes made of natural colors and water dyes to be on the safe side.


Eco friendly clothes are a way to save planet Earth. Green clothes are made of organic material which doesn’t require chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Organic textile fabric is bio degradable and hence has no harmful environment effects.

Organic fabrics are not treated with toxic chemicals. They are safe for the skin. Soft and smooth they are very comfortable to wear. Organic materials like bamboo do not deplete much soil resources. Bamboo also grows fast and requires less water. Green clothes can be recycled and reused.


Eco friendly clothing is high priced because the organic fiber out of which it is made is scarce and doesn’t use up pesticides.

Turning green can help you leave a legacy of a clean, fresh and beautiful Earth for your children. Protecting the planet is in! Adopt eco friendly clothing and help sustain this wonderful planet.


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