EcoFriendly Decorations

Whether you are decorating your home or choosing decorations for a party, eco-friendly decorations can be both lovely and economical choices.

The Three R’s of Decorations

To be truly eco-friendly with your decorations, you must consider the three R’s:

Reduce: Lower the number of decorations you use to just a few environmentally friendly focal points.

Reuse: Choose decorative items that can be reused multiple times or in new, unique ways.

Recycle: If items cannot be reused as decorations, recycle them appropriately.

Ideas for Eco-Friendly Decorations

There are many environmentally friendly decoration options both for home décor and for special occasions. Regardless of the types of decorations you choose, they can be stylish, sophisticated, and eco-friendly.

For the home…

  • Opt for large, energy efficient windows with good views to take advantage of natural outdoor decorations.
  • Keep large areas and base items such as walls, table cloths, and furniture relatively neutral so they do not need to be replaced as frequently.
  • Choose organic cotton linens such as table runners and throw pillows that can be reused.
  • Decorate with potted plants instead of artificial or cut flowers.
  • Grow aromatic herbs as part of practical and eco-friendly kitchen decorations.
  • Choose solar garden or walkway lights instead of electric or battery powered versions.
  • Design a flower bed with suitable perennial flowers that will bloom year after year.

For a party…

  • Avoid disposable cutlery and plates unless they can be easily and effectively recycled.
  • Opt for edible decorations such as carved fruits and vegetables, decorated cookies, fruit bouquets, and artisan breads for a beautiful menu.
  • Use recycled paper for invitations, programs, and other party stationary. Better still, choose compostable cards with seeds embedded in plantable paper.
  • Use wide ribbon instead of streamers and reuse it for future parties or recycle it as part of other decorating projects.
  • When choosing party candles, opt for environmentally friendly soy or beeswax instead of paraffin.
  • If gifts are a part of the party, wrap them in recycled paper or reusable cloth, and save wrappings for reuse.
  • If you plan on giving party favors, opt for seeds, small potted plants or bulbs, locally made organic soaps, or charitable donations to eco-friendly causes and organizations.

Saving Money on Decorations

It is a myth that eco-friendly decorations are more expensive than mass produced, less environmentally sound options. While some organic products can be costly, they are also more durable and will last longer than less ecological options. To save even more on environmentally conscious decorations:

  • Comparison shop between different retailers to find the best deals.
  • Choose locally made decorations to save on shipping costs and the carbon cost of transportation.
  • Consider making decorations yourself to limit processing waste.
  • Buy items in bulk whenever possible to save money with quantity discounts.

With clever design and smart purchasing choices, eco-friendly decorations can be just as beautiful and budget-friendly as any interior design accent or embellishment. Whether for a party or basic home décor, environmentally friendly decorations are a great choice.


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