Eco Friendly Gardening Supplies


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Gardening
Published on 01-09-2010

Eco friendly gardening supplies make less impact on the environment. From tools to fertilizer, organic gardeners have always tried their best to be environmentally friendly. Choose Eco friendly gardening supplies as a thank you to mother nature for the use of her resources. The benefits of using green products extend to gardeners and their families as well. Eco friendly gardening supplies produce superior, chemical free produce.

Compost Bins

Organic gardeners have been using compost as garden fertilizer for many years. The Eco friendly movement is upon us. Others are seeing the benefit of compost bins for the garden. These Eco friendly gardening supplies turn kitchen and garden waste into superior gardening soil. This doesn’t just benefit the garden. These Eco Friendly gardening supplies use a lot of waste products that might otherwise end up in landfills.

Push Mowers

Push mowers use no natural resources other than the materials to produce them. Gardeners considering the purchase of a new mower should keep push mowers in mind. These Eco friendly gardening supplies have come a long way in the last few decades. They now push just as easily as the gas and electric versions. It takes a little more time to mow with man powered lawn mowers. Think of it as a chance to communicate with mother nature.

Rain Barrels

Rain spouts and rain barrels are not new as Eco friendly gardening supplies. People have been saving and collecting rain water since the pioneer days. Great Grandpa used to bathe in them. Organic gardeners use the water for the garden. Some people use rain barrel water to make compost tea. Simply put compost in a mesh bag and dunk repeatedly in the barrel. The result is a nutrient rich Eco friendly liquid fertilizer for your plants.

Organic Fertilizers

Compost is the most commonly used Eco friendly fertilizer. It’s also the cheapest. Those who haven’t the time or inclination to make their own compost will find it available wherever Eco friendly gardening supplies are sold. There are many other organic fertilizers as well. In fact there is an Eco friendly equivalent for every fertilization need. Those who are unfamiliar with usage can read the label or consult a gardening professional.

Organic Pesticides

Chemical fertilizers are not the only gardening supply polluting our ground water. Runoff from chemical fertilizers can have disastrous consequences. Organic pesticides are essential Eco friendly gardening supplies. Using them is just as simple as using conventional pesticides. Homemade organic pesticides are less expensive than chemical pesticides. There are also some plants which will repel pests when planted as companions to others.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are Eco friendly gardening supplies. These handy helpers run on people power instead of gas or electricity. Using hand tools in the garden keeps gardeners in touch with mother nature as well. Want to leave an even softer environmental footprint? Buy hand tools used, rather than new. Reusing Eco friendly gardening supplies makes organic gardening that much better. Find used hand tools for gardening at thrift stores and garage sales.

Bee Hives

Bees are great for the garden and make an excellent side hobby for gardeners. These Eco friendly gardening supplies keep the garden pollinated. Purchase bee hives on line. They are available at many garden supply stores. Look for other bee-keeping equipment such as special clothing and billows as well. There are plenty of books on beekeeping to complete these Eco friendly gardening supply options.

Eco friendly gardening supplies have been used by organic gardeners for many years. Compost bins are used for making superior garden soil fertilizer. Push mowers and power tools are completely powered by man. No gas or electricity is needed for these Eco friendly gardening supplies. Rain barrels provide rainwater and compost tea for the garden. Organic fertilizers and pesticides decrease pollution from garden runoff. Eco friendly gardening supplies like beehives provide a nice side hobby to benefit the garden.


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