Ecofriendly Green Laundry Products

Authored by Robert A. Trezza in Environment
Published on 04-15-2009

Going green seems to be the in thing nowadays, as well as it should be. Our planet has given us a beautiful place to live and has not really asked us to give much back. So, it is great to see a movement in the direction of people starting to care. Many of us do try hard to keep the planet green, but just don’t realize how many other little changes we can make that will keep our planet healthy. We already put the cans out at the end of the week and cringe when the cashier reaches for the plastic bags to pack our groceries in. Once a week, we do our laundry and walk away with fresh clean clothes. Did you know that a lot of the detergents used are harming the environment? There are now a few different methods than can help make doing the laundry cleaner for the environment and us.

First up there is your choice of non-toxic and hypo-allergenic laundry detergent. These detergents are great and many can be found free of phosphates, as well as optical brighteners. Grey water and septic systems are safe as well, as many of these detergents will not harm them. Most of the eco friendly companies love the environment as well as animals, so you can be assured they will not test on the little critters. These green detergents come in both liquid and powder forms. These are both great on the toughest stains and keep clothes looking great.

For those whites that are simply impossible to get clean, especially when little Bobby comes home from a day of football in the park, you’ll love the eco-friendly bleach. These bleaches are chlorine free, color-safe and non-toxic. As with the detergents, none of nature’s little creatures will be harmed for a better product. No dyes or fragrances are used either, it will be nice to pour a cup into the wash with out the over whelming feeling most bleaches cause.

When it comes to getting your clothes extra soft you will be happy to know there are fabric softeners available too. These fabric softeners are all environmentally friendly, as well as quite effective at leaving your clothes extra soft. The dryer sheets are derived from plants and are recyclable. Your clothes will come out of the dryer uber soft and static free. A liquid fabric softener is available as well and will leave your clothes just as soft. The liquid fabric softener is free of phosphates and optical brighteners, as well as safe for all septic systems.

Our earth is precious and deserves the effort it takes to keep it green and beautiful. We all speak of doing our part in helping the environment, but now there are whole bunch of ways we can go about doing our part. It is nice to know that when we can’t be active in the community keeping the earth healthy, that we can at least aid while cleaning our laundry.


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