Ecofriendly Travel Guide


Authored by Jayant Row in Environment, Travel
Published on 04-09-2009

An eco-friendly travel guide is one which will take you to places which have a heritage that is culturally and historically rich. It allows you to get a much deeper understanding of the places visited, the geographical wonders and the cultural values of the place you visit. It lets the eco-traveler to remain at one with nature, without it any way disturbing the natural state of things. It is a segment of tourism that is growing at a very fast rate and with the awareness of ecology and environment more and more people are opting for this way of travelling to different places.

Tourists are simply awestruck with the natural beauty of the spots they visit and feel completely at ease there. This contributes a lot to their mental and physical well being. Eco-tourism does not just take you to view the natural sights, but also encourages you to indulge in activities that are considered eco-friendly. Among this is trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, paragliding for the physically adventurous tourist. For those not so inclined, animal and bird spotting, angling, boating, nature walks while viewing lakes and hills is a way to spend time. It is these activities that really set apart eco-tourism frorn the other more conventional tourism where you are visiting monuments, gong shopping and the like.

Eco-tourism not only benefits the tourist, but also the local community as well as the eco-system that is part of the tour. Excursions and various other activities ensure that the tourist has an unforgettable time with lot of memories stowed away for the future. It gives the eco-tourist an opportunity to learn about the culture, customs and habits of the places and communities that he sees. He also helps to boost the economy of the local community as generally all the people in that area do get involved in their activities in some form or the other. It helps to boost the efforts of the local government in boosting the ecology, by ensuring that the necessary protection and care is given to natural resources.

Before you proceed on an eco-tour acquaint yourself with the history and geography of the place you are visiting, including some knowledge of the local fauna. Be very careful with your waste and see that at no stage do you in any way spoil the surroundings with litter. Make it a point to look at the local handicrafts and produce and see if you can carry away a few things to show your friends when you return. Interact with the local populace and enter into the activities like dances etc, with enthusiasm.

Wear eco friendly colors and not such that will upset the animals or birds that you may come across. Also see that your clothing does not go against local taboos and customs. If there are rules available for the places you are visiting, be it clothing, time of visits, smoking, behavior, etc., and see that you follow it scrupulously. See that you are always following the safety guidelines laid down when you are into one of the adventure sports. Do not park your vehicles at places where it is prohibited. Refrain from using a flash while photographing animals, as this can upset them. Be with your tour guide at all times, as his experience will give you a safe and informed tour.

Follow this simple do’s and don’ts and you can be sure that your eco-friendly tour will be one which you will remember and probably want to come on again.


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