EcoFriendly Women’s Clothing And You

Before you throw on your next T-shirt or leather boots, consider this: 257 gallons of water went into creating that shirt and an animal had to die to create those boots. But for women who love animals and the environment, there are alternatives. Eco-friendly clothing is clothing that uses renewable resources and recycled materials in its production, thereby cutting down on pollution and otherwise harming the environment.

The materials used to create eco-friendly clothing include hemp, organic cotton, soy silk, corn fiber, bamboo, synthetic leather (such that is made with vegan microfiber), and milk silk. Also of note is cruelty-free cotton. Many sheep farmers who rely on the wool to bring in their next paycheck are more concerned with speed and productivity, with sheep suffering from this by being nicked, cut and even losing a nose from the wool-shearing process. If you want to buy wool, check to make sure the wool came from a cruelty-free and eco-friendly company that does not harm their sheep.

Animal cruelty is just one reason why eco-friendly clothing is so important. Typical clothes are made at the expense of hundreds upon thousands of gallons of water being used and wasted. A variety of chemicals can be in many types of clothes. Fumes from clothing plants are being pumped into the air, the use of rayon is destroying many forests, and toxins are seeping into our ecosystem. And if that’s not bad enough, many items of clothing are treated with chemicals during and after manufacturing, and many of them are carcinogenic.

Another reason why eco-friendly clothing is better is that eco-friendly companies do not use sweatshops or child labor camps to make their clothing.

The good news about eco-friendly clothing is that anybody can wear it.
A big world of clothing and accessories made of renewable materials are available to men, women and children. Many women are becoming increasingly concerned about “going green” with their clothes. There are several clothing items available to women looking to buy eco-friendly clothing. From handbags, dresses, shirts, pants, sandals and jackets, a variety of eco-friendly clothing options exist for women.

You can find eco-friendly women’s clothing locally or on the Internet. Check your phone book to find such a store or try typing your city and “eco-friendly clothes” into a search engine. Many companies exist online to assist you in buying eco-friendly clothes.

One downside is that it’s expensive. One T-shirt listed on such a store site ran for $55. A pair of pumps on another store site registered at $210.

Another downside of women’s eco-friendly clothing is that your options are limited. You won’t find an evening gown made of eco-friendly materials, and materials such as silk and chiffon just don’t have eco-friendly substitutes.

More than ever, more consumers might want to consider buying eco-friendly clothing. And eco-friendly clothing companies need to reconsider their high prices. By having more eco-friendly clothing options available at affordable prices, more women are apt to choose a “greener” alternative for their wardrobe.


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