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Ecosystem 12 Month Monthly Planner Review


Front cover of the ecosystem 12 month weekly planner

Following up on my review of the ecosystem journals, I wanted to now take a look at the series of planners that they also offer which are made with the same 100% post consumer recycled materials, and are also manufactured in the US.  The manufacturer of these planners and journals was kind enough to send these samples over for me to review, so I will also be doing a giveaway of the planner and one of the journals that I previously reviewed.  Keep an eye out for that giveaway shortly, but for now I hope you enjoy this review.

Before you even get started with using your daily planner for your planning activities, there are a wealth of other templates, calendars, and informational tables that are provided on the pages before the weekly planner pages.  In addition to the weekly page layout, here are the other pages that you will find:

  • Pages for personal information such as: Name, Phone, Email, Address, Blood Type, Allergies, Medications, and other critical info
  • 2010 monthly calendar in a compact 2 page format, typical 30 day squares layout for each month
  • 2010 monthly calendar in a 2 column format with a short blank line for each day (6 pages total, see photo below)
  • 2011 monthly calendar in compact 2 page format, same as the 2010 30 day square layout mentioned previously
  • 2 pages to track your travels with columns for: Destination, Itinerary, Notes, and Date
  • 2 page map of the US time zones
  • 2 full pages of frequently used 800 numbers (ie. Major US Airlines, Credit Card Companies, Rental Car Companies, Hotels, Travel Services, and more
  • 2 page map of all international time zones
  • 2 page list of international dialing codes
  • 1 page of all US and Canadian area codes
  • Page of metric conversions
  • 2 pages for logging websites you like to visit to jot down name, url, and notes


Inside the ecosystem 12 month weekly planner, a look at some of the monthly pages

Now that you can see all of the additional information that is provided for you in your planner, its time to take a look at the actual meat of the whole thing, which are the weekly pages themselves.  On each of the left hand pages you have (evenly divided into thirds) Monday through Wednesday with the date, any major holidays, and seven blank lines for your daily notes or to do items.  On each right hand page you have the same space and layout for Thursday and Friday, and the bottom third of the page has Saturday and Sunday split in half.  See the photo below.


View of the weekly layout pages

Just like the ecosystem journals, the weekly planner has the same inside back pocket, and unique tracking number to increase the chances of your journal being returned if you lose it, and to let you look up all of the recycled materials and environmentally friendly processes involved with the manufacture of your planner…


The back inside pocket of the ecosystem weekly planner

…and the same nice quality elastic closure strap, and page marker…


Close up of the elastic closure strap and page marker

The paper inside this planner is of the same thickness, brightness, and quality as the ecosystem journals that I reviewed, so writing on these with a variety of pens should not be a problem, and this even includes fountain pens depending on how inky they are.  This is a great little planner, that measures about 3 1/2″ by 5 1/2″, but there is also a medium size version (5 1/4″ x 8 1/2″) and a large size version (7 3/8″ x 9 7/8″) if the small doesnt work for you.  This version happens to be black, but all of the other bright colors that the journals are available in, are also available for the planner.  To get a good look at all of the size and color options, check out the link on Barnes & Noble for these 2010 ecosystem planners, and give these some consideration if you are in the market for a new planner to start the year.

I will be looking at some other planners and calendars over the next few days, so stay tuned for that and for the previously mentioned giveaway to add some nice new items to your home office supply collection.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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