Edible Photos for Cakes


Authored by Sandy Rothra in Food and Cooking
Published on 12-17-2009

Edible photos for cakes, cookies or even candies are reproduced from any photo or drawing. The picture is scanned directly into a special printer or into a computer, and then printed with edible ink onto edible paper. The paper and ink can be ordered on line at many locations. You must use a dedicated printer as the food grade ink and sugar based paper may leave a residue that cannot be cleaned out. You can order your cake with an edible photo from many local bakeries.

It is simple to purchase an edible photo, online or from a local bakery with the equipment, and decorate your own cake. You may provide the picture or use one they provide. The original photo or picture must be well defined. Any stains or tears will show in the cake decoration. It is not wise to try to enlarge a picture, as the image on the cake will be poor. When ordering your edible photo, determine what services you need. The company may be willing to retouch, change backgrounds, etc. Find out what the charge will be for this service.

Prepare Your Cake. You may bake your own cake or purchase one from a local bakery. The cake must be iced. In order to apply the edible photo, the icing should not be dry. You can spray mist the icing with water just before applying the photo; however, the edible photo must be kept dry. Although your picture can be applied to any frosting, some colors may not show well on dark backgrounds. Therefore, the makers do not recommend applying it to chocolate icing. Edible photos can be used on ice cream cakes. Just let the cake defrost for a few minutes so that the top is moist. After applying the photo, put the cake back into the freezer.

Decorate Your Cake. Place the edible photo in the freezer for about a minute. When frozen, it should peel easily from the backing. While holding the photo by the edges, place the center on the cake and gradually smooth toward the edges. Wrinkles or bubbles can be removed by patting with your fingers. Also rubbing with a dry finger will correct a tear. Now you are ready to add any other decorations to the cake.

Finish Your Cake. It will take several hours for the edges of the edible photo to blend in with the icing. Then it will look like it has been painted on. If the icing is too dry when the photo is applied, the picture may not blend in as well as you would like. To correct this, just edge it with icing.

Keep your purchased edible photo sealed when you receive it. If you keep it flat and out of sunlight until ready to use, it should keep for up to six months. Once you have applied it to the cake, it will last as long as the cake does. Edible photos provide a special personal touch to any occasion.


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