Edible Topiary Centerpieces

Forego the flowers, and create a wedding centerpiece that is not only beautiful, but also edible. Candy and fruit options for edible topiary centerpieces are a fun do-it-yourself craft option for brides seeking a change from traditional wedding centerpieces. Gather the bridesmaids, mothers and aunts for an evening of edible crafting after the rehearsal dinner.

Tree Style Topiary

Purchase large cone-shaped floral foam forms from the craft store. Choose one large tree shaped cone for each table, or choose three cones of varying sizes to create a miniature forest in the center of the table.

Choose between fruit or candy to cover the trees. For a winter wedding, choose white chocolate truffles. Choose solid-centered candies. Press a toothpick into each truffle, then onto the foam tree. Cover the foam form with the white chocolates to give the appearance of snowy trees. Add color to the topiary by twisting slender ribbons around the tree, similar to how you decorate a Christmas tree with strings of garland.

Round Potted Topiary

Create a round potted topiary as a guest table centerpiece. Start by selecting a base for the topiary. Choose a classic terra cotta garden flower pot, a decorative metal bowl or even a wide mouth colorful vase. Place at least one pound of stone in the base for weight. Fill the base with floral foam to provide a solid base. Top the floral foam with plastic wrap then top with decorative stones or more edibles such as chocolate covered cherries, gummy spearmint leaves or whimsical rainbow gummy worms.

Insert a slender wooden dowel rod into the base. Choose a rod at least 24 inches in length, so the topiary sits above eye-level at the guest table, but so it’s not too tall to reach for an edible treat.

Press a floral foam ball onto the top of the wooden rod. Don’t let it protrude through the top of the ball. Wrap the ball with clear plastic wrap, and secure it with a small piece of tape at the base of the ball.

Choose fruit or candy for this edible topiary. For a summer wedding, choose plump strawberries. Cut the green stem from each berry, leaving a flat cut. Press a toothpick into the flat end of the strawberry. Turn the berry so the pointed end faces out, and press the toothpick into the floral foam. Cover the topiary ball with fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

Cupcake Topiary

Choose to make a cupcake topiary in lieu of having an extra sheet cake to feed guests. The edible topiary is place in the center of each guest table, so when it’s time for dessert, they have already been served!

Use a cupcake tree from a baking specialty store. Fill the rack with homemade cupcakes. Top each cupcake with frosting that coordinates with the wedding colors. Them use edible sugar flowers, silver colored confectionary beads or chocolate shavings to decorate the cupcakes.

Add floral garland to the cupcake tree for color. Spread tea light candles around the base of each tree for extra ambiance at the tables. Fresh cut flower heads can be sprinkled at the base of the cupcake tree to hide the stand.


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