Educational Gifts For 12 Year Olds


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Published on 02-20-2009

Trying to shop for a 12 yr old boy or girl can prove to be somewhat perplexing. They are at the age where they are still young enough not to know better but old enough to think they do. 12 year olds are on the brink of becoming teenagers. All of a sudden what they wear, who they hang out with and what they play with becomes extremely important.

This is why educational toys need to be good enough to be able to hold their interest. Toys that are remote controlled are definitely up there on the list. Do-it-yourself robots and remote control cars are quite popular with boys of this age group. Believe it or not, books are also quite welcome with most kids of this age. More and more children are starting to develop an interest in reading. Books on science are pretty popular and as well as books that teach you how to build or create something.

Electronics of course are a rage with boys. And you guessed it, a computer is probably one of the best gifts that you can buy. A computer is one of the most versatile learning tools for a child today. Not only can they discover and learn about the world that they live in but, you can purchase educational games that they can play on the computer. These games could be based on Math, Science, Nature, English and maybe even a foreign language. The best part is that even though they are playing a game, they are also learning something in the process. They will also go up in the popularity charts with friends as they get to show off a prized toy that not every child is lucky enough to possess.

There are many board games that help teach Math and Science as well. You can also purchase card games that will do the same. One of the fun things about playing these types of games is that they can involve the entire family. This means that not only will the 12 year old get to learn something but, the family will be able to share some quality family time as well. This is a rare occurrence in today’s fast-paced world. Not only are you giving the gift of education but you are giving the gift of bonding and sharing.

Jigsaw puzzles are another great gift as well. They help build hand and eye coordination and you can get them in pictures of the world or a map. Once the jigsaw puzzle is completed, they can glue it together and use it as a picture to hang on the wall. This way they can always use it to look up a country or an ocean whenever they need or want to.

As you can see, there are many different possibilities when it comes to educational toys for boys and girls. Many of them are for either sex so that makes the choice a little easier. When in doubt, you can always ask the parent what the child’s interests are, to make shopping a little easier.


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