Educational Toy Ideas for Your First Grader

The first few years of a school child’s development can be the most crucial for teaching them how to enjoy learning. It has been proven that one of the most effective methods of teaching young children is through play. There are a wealth of educational toys designed to make the art of learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Leapfrog is a leader in children’s educational toys. Their new Tag [TM] Reading System makes a wonderful addition to the first grader’s collection of learning toys. Using specially printed books, the camera in the pen of the Tag Reader will read what part of the page is touched and can offer any one of several features.

As well as reading the whole story aloud, the pen can also sound out individual words phonetically. Touching photographs in the book begins an audio sequence between characters in the picture. Some pages also include further educational games and phonics lessons. Added to the fun of the Tag Reader for children is its ability to be hooked up to the parent’s computer to download information about the child’s progress into a special application that shows the child’s progress with reading in the book.

Another of Leapfrog’s ingenious teaching toys is the handheld Didj [TM] Custom Learning Game System. Shaped like a regular handheld game console, the Didj system will grow with your child. Recommended for ages six through ten. As a bonus to parents, they can customize the math and spelling games presented to their children. With the same ability to download the student’s progress as the Tag System, Didj gives an overview of the child’s progress and points out special interests the child has used so the parent can further encourage them.

The Didj [TM] Custom Learning Game System can be hooked up to a computer for even more advanced educational game features. It comes in a variety of colors and many popular entertainment themes such as Star Wars, SpongeBob Squarepants, Hanna Montana and more. By making education so exciting and the lesson customization so varied, the Didj is ready to grow along with the child for all the important first few years of schooling.

Learning Resources has a very interactive method of teaching your new student about time. The Talking Clever Clock combines both digital and analog to help children learn how both time keeping systems work together and a self-checker to prevent misunderstanding. The Talking Clever Clock can say the displayed time out loud and offers quizzes that can be answered on the built-in buttons.

The Buy It Right Shopping Game, also from Learning Resources, provides more than just a shopping challenge. With players taking sides to be either the Buyer or the Seller, children can learn about place value for numbers. With its primary purpose to teach mathematics, the Buy It Right Shopping Game is not just about dealing with money.

Along with the clever and creative modern technological games, many of the traditional toys still have a valuable place in the first grader’s learning experience. Even the ever popular crayons and coloring book will teach order and eye-hand coordination while providing a creative outlet for the beginning school child to develop their own individuality.


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