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Effective Marketing Resume Writing Tips

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/1/2012

Every marketing professional know the value of branding and exposure. To turn a product into a well known brand, you need to plan and create effective strategy. The similar strategy can be applied when you are about to market your resume in the professional field. Your resume can help you stand out in the crowd of competition and provide you a unique identity.

Like every other jobseekers, those who are searching for marketing jobs will have the need to apply for the desired job. You need to remember that there are hundreds of others applying for the similar post. Some of the applicants may have better qualification than you. Some of the applicant will be ready to join at the lower salary. You need to beat these competitors and grab the attention of the recruiting officers.

Resume writing is an art. If you are not sure how to write the resume, you can seek help from professional resume writers. Some of the manpower providing consultancies write resume for lower charges. However, you can write your own resume with some effort and researches.

The resume should make it clear to the recruiting officers what you are trying to achieve in your career. Do not shy away from showing that you are highly ambitious. This may get you a higher position in the organisation. However, it is advisable not to go overboard with writing objectives in the resume. In addition to this you are required to remember what you have written in the resume.

Whether you include the objective section or leave it out depends entirely upon your choice. If you prefer, you can skip the objective section. However, a resume with clearly written objective can impress the recruiters.

If you prefer to include the objective, think clearly. How your career objective will benefit the employers. The marketing resume requires to-the-point and clearly written objective. Put yourself into the employer’s place and read the objective you have written. How does it sound like from the management’s point of view? You need to remember that an organisation only recruits people who will be beneficial to the organisation. Through your objective you need to show that you will be beneficial to the organisation.

After expressing the objective, you need to focus on the body of the resume. Here, you need to let the employers know what you are capable of doing. This is the reason before writing your resume, do some research about your chosen organisation. Each company has different work environment and professional requirements. You are required to create a resume accordingly to draw the attention of the employers.

The marketing department is one of the most important departments of any organisation. To be a part of this department, you need to have the ability to handle huge work pressure. Try to include the evidence of your skill to the resume. Experience certificates or other references will add value to your bio-data.

The format of the resume plays a great role. You need to adhere to this format to get jobs in marketing in Southend. Writing the resume in simple font in general colour is the right way. In addition to this, make sure to be precise whiling the resume. Remember that the recruiting officers will not spend long hours to read through one bio-data, therefore, help them to scan the document with ease.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is a writer with years of experience in the recruitment and financial industries. Predominantly a freelance writer he enjoys varying his work and researching new and different approaches to his work. He provides a guide to get marketing jobs.


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