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Effective Web Content Writing

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 09/29/2009
  • Article Writing

A website with very poorly written posts or articles is almost guaranteed not to succeed. As they always say, content is king and it still reigns up to this day. Some people just take for granted the importance of good web content writing, as they think that as long as their websites have content, it is already good enough for them and their site’s visitors. But that is never the the case. People usually go online to find information on any subject or topic that they want to know. When they want to buy a new laptop, they go online to read product reviews. When they want to learn how to get rid of their dogs’ flea infestations, they search for tips online. The common denominator on these two situations is that they both are looking for information. And the best means of providing such information is through well-written articles or web content.

Just think about it. When was the last time that you encountered a web page, started to read its content, only to find out that the copy is nothing but words that seem to be put together with no purpose or goal in mind? There are a lot of such copy out there, written by website owners who think that any kind of copy is good copy as long as it is posted on their web pages. The grammar is horrible, the spelling is poor, the thoughts of every paragraph are incoherent and does not flow smoothly throughout the copy. Web content writing should

always be done with care because it is the main component of a web page that brings it to life, that makes it communicate with the reader, and brings the purpose of the whole web page to fruition. What are the top factors that make up a properly written web content or copy? Here are three of these: 1. Good grammar There is a reason why grammar should always be followed, and that is to show to others that the writer or the owner of the web page is sensible and responsible enough to conform to set rules. It also shows professionalism and the desire of the writer to make his content easily readable and understandable. 2. Informative A good web content speaks to the reader. It instructs or informs him about a certain topic and helps broaden his understanding about it. It does not merely tells a story, but it shows it in very descriptive words. It aims to spread additional knowledge rather than just state the obvious. 3. Consistent with the rest of the web content on other pages.

A professional web content writing adheres to the consistency of the tone, the message, and the approach of all the pages of a website. Every web copy is a part of a whole, bigger collection of content and of knowledge which comprises the website itself. Should a content deviate from the overall theme of the site, it should not deviate too far or else it will dilute the message that has already been established by the other web content found on the rest of the web pages.



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