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Eight kinds of the most popular sweater in late autumn

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 11/14/2012

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Sweater absolutely is a necessary staff in this fall. Sweater can also be very lazy fashion or element style. Today our wholesale clothing shop will bring 8 kinds of sweaters in late autumn, and you can choose the fashion and casual sweater in there.

Charm color long sweater, a very simple design, a long paragraph edition type, loose style, basically do not pick the body. Pants with black leggings and boots very nice, the weather was cold, when coupled with the same length of coat is very elegant.

The wholesale fashion dresses is very chic, perforated design makes this sweater more fashion charm. Light brown, fresh and seductive, with white feet pants, black lace-up boots, a soft look very comfortable.

Striped sweater classic unbeaten, must also fall and winter wild single product, whether it is with Leggings worn alone or with a jacket to wear, can highlight the perfect body and fashion sense.

The popular wild monochrome sweaters, but also a little Colorful little more fashion sense, so this sweater, which take the orange shirt and black suspenders, under wear jeans, and instantly the lady up.

Loose, irregular the fringed hem knit yarn, there is not a lot of flavor  A lot of girls like tassels, because it in turn between jumps, full of dynamism. Select stockings and black boots with a romantic style.

Tightening design of the wild sweaters geometric patterns bat sleeve styles, cuffs out, this year’s hot style, simple high-heeled boots with pants feet full of personal charm.

Quite princess child of a chiffon stitching sweaters, loose style lantern sleeve chiffon hem all highlighting the sense of the details of the sense of the design of this sweater. Select a black skirt, black stockings, black high heels to match, sweet lad

Korean fashion sweater, pure white best highlights the warm and gentle temperament. With a leopard skirt and black stockings, which let your clothing with a gentle temperament look in our wholesale clothing china shop.

Please come here:http://www.wholesalelucky.com


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