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Electronics Cleaning Brush by OXO


Electronics Cleaning Brush by OXO

I think this is more of just a product recommendation than full review today.  I bought this Electronics Cleaning Brush by OXO a few weeks ago and forgot how handy its been in keeping things clean around here.  In the past I had been using an old unused paint brush for cleaning out some of the nooks and crannies on my laptop and other devices.  This Electronics Cleaning Brush by OXO is a much better option though.


Electronics Cleaning Brush by OXO on the Laptop Keyboard

Sometimes I can get a little picky about cleaning my keyboard, the whole laptop, my camera, my phone or just about any device you can think of that gets dust, lint, or any other kind of filth in hard to reach crevices.  This OXO Electronics Cleaning Brush has been amazingly helpful at picking those tight places clean and keeping them that way.  On one end there is a very soft retractable brush that is just about an inch long.  On the other end there is a silicone chisel shaped tip that comes to a very pointy tip and measures just under half an inch wide.  When I say the tip is pointy, I don’t mean that its hard and sharp, it just comes to a long thing peak that makes it easy for getting in some pretty tight places.  The silicone tip great because dust and lint seem to like to stick to it a bit too so it makes it really easy to get it out from under keys and from within tight areas.  In addition to electronics its also been helpful at cleaning some of the outside areas of a few of my fountain pens and watches.

I definitely like having this Electronics Cleaning brush at my desk because now its always within reach and I can constantly keep the keyboard dust bunnies in check with a few quick sweeps of the soft retractable brush or with some digging around with the silicone tip.  This is definitely one of those essential desk items to help keep your desk neat and tidy.  You can grab one over at Amazon for a few bucks and it makes a great little add on gift.

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