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Elegance comes with mature women

  • By adVFDV jackAVVG
  • Published 06/15/2011
  • Copywriting

So strong is every girl’s desire to become a women and so deep is her longing to be able to wear fionable colthes with S body shape when she is adolescence.mature does not just means saying goodbye for youth,it is a new begining on other stage.Most beautiful women was thought to be born in hangzhou by majority of chinese,and from my point of view,shanghai is superabound with elegent woman who has her own unique aethetic standard .They are a bit addicted to cheongsam and fancy handbags to some extend which makes you cannot help to merge in mind the image of ruanlinyu played by Maggie Cheung  in 30’s at the movie of In the Mood for Love.No matter how many years have past ,the thought that elegence comes with shanghai woman in their 30’ lives forever. Maggie Cheung This woman is kown for her temperament not for her good looking.her classic stlye in cheongsam and wearing fancy handbags,attracts thousands of her fans .The saying goes that hero deserses beauty for men,but for woman ,beauty perfect with bags that be propriate for them role in different ocassions,and for Maggie Cheung in her movies she always went wih exquisite headbag which maybe her succesful signal of the role she played.Mentioned to handbags,they are women’s necissarity in public ocassion. They grace women’elegance much,becauce they do not like furs massiness which is thick enough to cover women’good body shape,they also do not like low-profile shoese which sometimes be ignored by highlight.The woman of beautiful things will have unlimited desire。In men, there is enough to a handbag, women are often cannot satisfy,It is no exaggeration to say the woman of beautiful pursuitpromote the development of fashion。



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