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Elegant Noble Winter Korean Fashion Dress with Coat

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/12/2012

Autumn is leaving soon, if you are still lost in the romance of fall? In fact, in winter days you can wear winter coat matching long dress. Below Korean fashion online shop Korean Japan Clothing introduces new winter skirt dresses with long coats, and help you instantly show elegant noble Korean fashion atmosphere.

Camel lapel winter fashion woolen sleeve fur coat, handsome version of type, simple cool taste, wore great taste. You can match black long dress, accompanied by warm socks, wear clothing to reveal elegant fashion flavor instantly.

Large lapel camel coat is in waist drawstring design, this coat is more stylish charm, big lapel small most of jacket styles. Within to take slim gray knit dress, accompanied by the tights and high-heeled boots, elegant and feminine.

Woolen coat, loose version of the type, temperament lapel, a bit like a longer section of jacket, but this upper body more modern taste, which take the black dress with black stockings and black high-heeled boots, piercing the atmosphere field.

Large red wool dress, good personality of a dress, Slim style, thick sweater knit, warm winter fashion slim woolen coat, high collar is more suitable for winter wear with fur vest or jacket, coupled with leopard boots unique charm.

Knitted long coat, to take gray woolen skirt, black stockings, nails black flat shoes, a typical Korean fashion beauty modeling, wear clothing with a unique fresh style and charming.

Sepia loose jacket with gray woolen skirt, this dress is a winter skirt new; high collar small slit skirt, concise style, which takes the white leggings, wearing black boots, tall atmosphere momentarily.

Very young girls feeling winter outfit, red and white striped hooded casual dress, made of thick cotton material, recreational sports style, with a cotton vest, accompanied by snow shoes, reveals youth playful sense.

Modern urban OL style winter overcoat, dark gray long coat with a black turtleneck bottoming dress, black lace-up boots, the collocation of black and gray, choose a maroon handbag to match, brighten the overall sense.

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