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Eleven Dynamite Methods For Writing Hot Sales Copy

  • By R.T. Markovsky
  • Published 07/1/2008
  • Writing for the Web

Use these eleven super-hot copywriting methods to set your online sales on fire. 1. The “Past Purchases” Method The “if you’ve bought (product 1) before then you get it for this price, if you’ve bought (product 2) before then you get it for this price, etc…” Method tells potential customers that you are basing the price of your current product on what products they have purchase from you in the past. If they haven’t bought anything from you, they’ll have to buy it at the regular price but you’ll give them a lower price for purchasing a higher price product in the past. 2. The “Cheap Repurchases” Method The “you don’t want to go cheap on (your product’s benefit)…” Method tells potential customers your product may be priced higher than your competition’s but they don’t want to skimp on achieving their goal. You can tell them the reason is that if they purchase a lower price product, they might have to turn around and buy another one later on, so in the long run your product is cheaper. 3. The “Fast Returns” Method The “(no.)% of people report making their money back the within the first (day/week/month)…” Method tells potential customers that they have a very high chance to make their money back shortly after they purchase your product. You could base the percentage on your affiliate sign ups and stats or what affiliates tell you. 4. The “Breaking The Law?” Method The “be smart, don’t break the law, I’ll give you a fair chance to order before I take action…” Method tells potential customers if they came to your download page illegally without paying, you will be tracking down all illegal sellers and visitors. In case you can’t track them down and don’t want to go through the time and expense of taking them to court, you at least make some of your money back from people who give in and order to avoid legal problems. 5. The “Daily Commissions” Method The “for the next (no.) days I’m offering (no.)% commission…” Method tells potential customers that for a limited time, you are going to up your affiliates’ commissions. It could be for your older products or for a new product you are launching. Make sure you give them the date it starts and ends. Extra money can persuade people to work harder, just like at a real job where people work harder for a pay raise. 6. The “Crying” Method

The “have you ever seen a (type of person) cry?…” Method tells potential customers they better read on or click to see why someone is crying. People respond t

o people or situations where someone may need comfort or need to be cheered up. People also cry when they are happy. For example, one of your customers may have cried because they finally received their desired benefit. 7. The “Resell It First” Method The “bonus: you’ll have the first chance to purchase the resell rights…” Method tells potential customers that if they purchase your product, they will be alerted first and know ahead of time when you offer the resell rights to your product. It could also be master resell rights, private label resell rights, master private label rights, rebranding rights, etc. 8. The “Qualification” Method The “to qualify you must meet at least (no.) of these (no.) qualifications…” Method tells potential customers that in order to be successful with your product, they need a few qualifications but not all of them. If they do possess the number of qualifications you require, then they will assume they will reach their goal. Some qualifications could be – follows directions well, have so much spare time a day, commit to using your product for so long, can afford to invest in your product, etc. 9. The “On Call Expert” Method The “almost every business has my personal contact information…” Method tells your prospects that other businesses really trust you and your advice. It could also be your phone number, instant message name, cell phone number, etc. You could tell them that they have your number programmed in on auto dial, your e-mail address saved in their address book, they keep your contact information by their side, they never leave the office without your contact information, etc. 10. The “Puzzle Solver” Method The “I found the missing pieces…” Method tells your prospects that your product will provide what other products that failed them lacked. Many people have bought a product that didn’t seem to give the exact benefit they were hoping for. You could tell them you will solve their puzzle, that you cracked the code, found the missing ingredients, etc. 11. The “Stimulation” Method The “what do you think of when you (see, hear, feel, smell, taste) (object/thing)?…” Method tells your prospects to imagine a specific stimulus that will bring up certain mental images, emotions, physical sensations, etc. The stimuli should trigger effects that will persuade them to purchase your product. For example, if you’re selling candy for Valentine’s Day, you want to use red for the color. It can trigger the emotions of love, passion, sex, and the images of lips, hearts, etc.

Try utilizing these proven methods to energize your online sales copy. These secret approaches will work for you and should boost your conversions and profits.



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