Eliminating Kidney Stones With Nutrition


Authored by Rodney Southern in Diseases, Nutrition 
Published on 09-29-2009

Kidney stones are some of the most painful afflictions known to mankind. Those that have suffered from them can attest to the horrible pain and agony that they bring. Fortunately, there are some simple, natural steps that can prevent kidney stones. Just by adjusting what you eat and drink you can lessen the odds of kidney stone formation. Here are some nutritional steps to avoiding kidney stones that you should know about, particularly if you are at risk for kidney stones or have had them in the past.

The single most important thing that you should know is that water is the Kryptonite for kidney stones. Perhaps no other thing on the earth is a more powerful weapon against not only getting kidney stones, but in keeping them away. Water does this quite simply by diluting your urine. By diluting the urine, your chances of forming kidney stones is reduced naturally and safely. Drink tons of water and limit anything else.

Dairy products are actually a hidden danger with kidney stones. The reason for this is because it contains calcium. Calcium leads to the formation of kidney stones. Not all people have this problem, but some people have been known to have to cut out dairy products because of this.

For the same reason as dairy products, some people have trouble with antacids. These popular treatments for heartburn also contain calcium and can cause similar problems to the dairy.

Cranberry juice is probably the second best choice behind water as a good liquid for people with kidney stone problems. The problem with cranberry juice is that you can have trouble finding natural cranberry juice. If you get it in the grocery store, it is often sweetened with artificial products. This defeats the purpose of drinking the cranberry juice. Only drink the pure cranberry juice if you have issues with kidney stones.

A healthy and smooth urinary tract is important to keeping kidney stones at bay. This can be achieved by eating plenty of foods rich in Vitamin A. These include carrots, and any other Vitamin A superfoods. Carrots are one of the best foods on the planet for kidney stone protection.

Sometimes what you stay away from is just as important as what you actually consume. Staying away from super sweet foods and drinks is a given. Soft drinks, candy and the usual suspects are all bad for you in a million ways. They are likewise dangerous for those folks who get kidney stones. Anything that increases insulin production will increase calcium dangers.

Nutritional kidney stone protection is really not difficult. If you suffer from kidney stones, then you should increase your water and vitamin A. Avoid the super sugar stuff, and get plenty of exercise. If you do these things then you will be kidney stone free in most cases. Consult with your doctor about the foods and drinks that you should avoid as well.


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