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E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen with Wood Body


E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen Body

The E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen is a really unique looking and feeling pen body, and it comes in a bunch of other colors too, so check out the link there.  This is another item that was sent to us for review by our friends at Jetpens.com.


E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen Resting in Hand

Besides the obvious (and in my opinion) fantastic looking wood grain on the body of this pen, you can see that it has a very unique shape to it.  The nice thing about the shape, which tapers drastically towards the center of the body is that it rests very comfortably in the nook between your thumb and forefinger.  The overall balance of the E+M Shaper Ballpoint pen is very nice, and the pen just feels like a natural extension of your hand because of the unique shape.


The E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen Writing Sample

The writing sample above for the E+M Shaper Ballpoint was done in a Black n’ Red notebook, and was actually surprisingly nice for a ballpoint pen.  Typically pure ballpoint pens can skip a bit or be splotchy but I didn’t see anything like that from this pen, and at $0.80 for refills, thats pretty good.  The E+M Pen Shaper Ballpoint Pen is definitely a very unique pen that is comfortable to write with and has a very distinguished look, all while using wood from sustainable sources.  Thanks again to Jetpens for sending this over for review, and don’t forget to keep an eye out on the “New Products” section at Jetpens, there is always a ton of good stuff that they are updating pretty often.

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