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Email Compliance And Data Loss Prevention At Its Best

  • By Entrusted Mail
  • Published 08/25/2012
  • Tools and Resources

With email being a major form of correspondence for most businesses, sending important and sometimes confidential messages requires privacy. Sensitive information needs to be archived for future reference in order to comply with the company’s email compliance policies as well as the eDiscovery requests and other specific regulations.

Email correspondence is used for both internal and external purposes and therefore it is important that a copy of all the emails is kept in the archives for future requirements relating to compliance, Human resource and legal issues. Email archiving is not only important for future reference purposes but also for data loss prevention. It is pretty easy to lose information that has been sent over email, in which case there is the need to retrieve that mail.

You can further protect your email with RSA data loss prevention services. The best place to access such services is from places like www.entrustedmail.com. It is at this site that you will be able to find

out the challenges of proper email compliance and how to meet them.

Entrusted Mail offers you the best email compliance for healthcare and even email compliance for finance. It is a really simple task to get started because there is no need to install software and manage hardware. It is a matter of connecting to your network and they will be able to encrypt your data and store it safely for you. Having spent more than a decade using and developing these services they have gotten to the point where they are able to protect your data effectively.

It does not matter what you need to have if it is email compliance for edu and email compliance for government, they have it all for you to use. When eDiscovery makes a request for certain information you should be able to retrieve it as fast as possible. With proper encryption and archiving services, then this would not be a hard task for a company. Sending information safely will also be a very simple task considering the efficiency of the encryption which bars unauthorized people from viewing confidential information.



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