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EMF Pocket Protector


So every self respecting office supply geek needs a pocket protector right?  I mean thats the old stereotype of a true geek or nerd, but in today’s age of wireless electronics I think there is a more important pocket protector that one should be aware of.  I’ve always been on the fence about the whole EMF and health risk issue, but there have been recent studies that seem to lend more credence to the fact that the radiation emitted from your cell phone has the potential for negative health impacts if you constantly have them close to your body, like in a pocket.  Thats where the Pocket Patch (via Amazon) comes in.

emf-pocket-protector-ironed-on-jeans-1-1024x680-3634880The EMF Pocket Protector is pretty easy to install, but even the word “install” makes it sound a hundred times more difficult than it really is.  As long as you have an iron its super simple to iron the patch onto the inside of your pants pocket, keeping in mind that you shouldn’t put it on any items that will be dry cleaned.  In the picture above, you can see the corner is curling up slightly and there are a few stray strings, but this is after about 4 months of wear.  The instructions  suggest that the cloth patches lose their effectiveness after 30 washings.  These come in packs of two, so it should be easy enough to replace after you hit that 30 wash limit, I grabbed a three packs of these myself.  One set was immediately used in an alternate way, which I’ll get to in a minute.


I would say that my biggest concern with these was that they would feel uncomfortable in my pocket and would also fall off pretty easily, but I have to say neither of those situations became a problem at all.  I’ve also taken to using two of these ironed together with an index card between them to put inside of the pockets of pants that I take to the dry cleaners.  This affords me the same protection while not worrying about the act of dry cleaning ruining their effectiveness.  You should absolutely check out the Pocket Patch (via Amazon) if you have any concerns about the potentially dangerous radiation produced by your cell phone.

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