Endangered Plants in the Rainforest


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Environment 
Published on 12-09-2009

Why does it matter that there are endangered plants in the rainforest? All life, whether animal or vegetable is a part of our greater ecosystem. Endangered plants in the rainforest mean a short supply of food for the creatures who rely on them for survival. Loss of endangered plants in the rainforest brings changes in climate responsible for threatening our way of life.

Losing One Acre

The rainforests are disappearing at a rate of multiple acres per minute. One acre of rainforest contains thousands of different plant species. The concentration of endangered plants per acre of rainforest is astounding. There are some endangered plants that grow only in specific rainforest areas. These plants can be wiped out completely by losing a small amount of acreage.

Losing One Endangered Plant

Some endangered plants in the rainforest rely solely on just one other plant for their survival. Likewise there are animal species that rely completely on a single endangered plant for food. The removal of just one endangered rainforest plant can set off a chain reaction rendering the extinction of many plant and animal species.

Percentage of Plants in the Rainforest

A little over seven percent of the world is rainforest. In that seven percent of surface area lives over sixty percent of the plant life on earth. The disappearing endangered plants in the rainforest can make a huge impact on the plant population of mother earth. The plant population of the world is responsible for the production of the very air we breathe.

The Rafflesia Flower

The Rafflesia flower is one example of how endangered plants in the rainforest need each other to survive. Some refer to this plant as the corpse flower due to its’ horrendous odor. This strange flower is about a yard wide and weighs more than six pounds. It has no roots and relies completely on the Tetrastigma vine it rests and feeds on. Without that vine the Rafflesia flower cannot survive.

Cattle Grazing

One reason for the devastation of the rainforests is the increasing amount of land being cleared for cattle grazing. Clearing of endangered plants in the rainforest is just the beginning of the impact caused by cattle grazing. Cattle waste also encourages weed growth which can take over untouched rainforest areas.

Plant Harvesting

People are harvesting rare and beautiful rainforest plants at an alarming rate. Widespread collection of ornamental or medicinal plants changes the entire ecosystem of the rainforest. Removing just one plant from an acre of rainforest can upset the balance of several acres creating new endangered plant species. This shortage is passed on to the other plant and animal life dependent on that species.

The Beauty

Putting all environmental concerns aside, the sheer beauty of endangered rainforest plants should be reason enough to save them. Think of the delicate and beautiful orchid. This precious flower only grows in certain regions. Some orchids are now endangered plants. Others are extremely rare due to the devastation of the ecosystems they depend on.

Endangered plants in the rainforest upset the balance of the entire ecosystem. There are numerous reasons for the disappearance of rainforest plants including cattle grazing and plant harvesting. The disappearance of just one endangered plant in the rainforest can destroy many species of plants and animals. Treat the rainforest with respect. Your survival depends on it.


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