Enfamil or Similac; Is There a Debate?

If you are going to be formula feeding your baby, you will want to decide which brand of baby formula you will feed to your baby. There are many generic brands of formula. Many of those have ingredients similar to those of the main brands. Even so, many parents will use one of the two most popular brands. Some parents are adamant that Enfamil is the best formula. Other parents, will tell you that Similac is by far the best brand of formula. Both are excellent brands of formula with a variety of types of their formula.

Whether you use Enfamil or Similac, might simply depend upon your baby’s preference. Most pediatricians are not able to provide you with an unbiased view of which formula is better, since they have a contract to use and promote one brand over the other. However, some doctors will admit that both brands of formula provide safe, healthy and quality products for your baby.

Enfamil and Similac both offer a wide range of products. Similac offers an organic blend of formula, the advanced blend with DRA and AHA and soy based formula. They also offer the NeoSure Formula which is to be specially formulated for babies that were been born premature. A lactose free formula is available through Similac as well.

There are many blends of Enfamil formula on the market as well. They offer a mix of formula for babies with lactose intolerance. Enfamil also offers a mix of formula for babies that have colic or other sensitivities to traditional formula. Even Enfamil has a type of formula for babies that were born premature. Of course, Enfamil’s traditional formula, has both AHA and DRA.

Many parents believe that Similac causes less gas in a baby. Some parents also believe that their advanced formula is more effective at helping to soothe a cranky baby. Similac might be more effective at absorbing calcium which is important for a baby’s bone growth.

On the other hand, some parents select Enfamil because it is easier to measure scoops of formula. This is due to the fact that Similac often clumps and packs more in the scoop than Enfamil, making it difficult to get an accurate serving of formula. DHA and AHA are ingredients that are found in both Enfamil and Similac. These ingredients are important for the growth and development of a baby. The levels of DHA and AHA are higher in Enfamil. Typically, Enfamil is also cheaper to purchase than Similac.

If your baby is doing well on one formula, there is no need to switch formulas. The same is true if the hospital gave your newborn formula and they have responded very well. However, if your child is having trouble with excess gas and/or fussiness, then you might want to try a different brand. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician before changing brands of formula.

In most cases the use of either Similac or Enfamil depends upon the preference of the parents. Both formulas provide superb nutrition for babies who are not breastfed.


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