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Enjoying the feeling of being the center on buying necklaces and pendants

  • By Christine West
  • Published 01/12/2011
  • Fiction

Necklace has obsessed hundreds and thousands of ladies for being generous, mignon and romantic. For centuries, it has been a dream of most ladies to modify their necks and shoulders with diamond necklaces. From the early 17th century to the 19th century, women in Europe, no matter aristocrats or civilians, take pride in wearing diamond necklaces. In modern society, necklaces are still popular among most people, especially young ladies. They would like to wear necklaces to attend parties. So, a necklace might be a nice gift for them. Then, how to pick out a necklace? Here is some advice.   When selecting a necklace, the first thing that you should take into consideration is the length of it. A relatively longer necklace highlights the charm of the bosom, while a shorter one mainly brings out curve of beauty of the neck. If the length is 16 inches, that is, chock length, then the necklace will be right on the collarbone, which will make the curve of your neck obvious. If the length is 18 inches, which is called “Princess Style”, then the necklace will be above the collarbone, and it is the most frequently seen length. If the length is 24 inches, and we call it “the drama length”, the necklace will hang above your clothes, as we can see in a theatre.   Next, people with different facial forms should wear different necklaces. People with ovate faces are almost unrestrained when choosing a necklace, because any shape will do, and they just need to make sure that the necklace goes with the material and style of the clothes they wear. Round-face people should choose necklaces that can make their facial form look longer. Elliptical-face people are calculated to wear relatively thick necklaces. People with square faces should wear necklaces that could soften the line in their faces.   A delicate pendant gives the feeling of magnificence. Necklaces can be chains of all kinds, and they can also be valuable metals or precious stones, but pendants are a single jewelry or pearl. You can wear a pendant no matter you are dressed in an evening dress or jeans. A simple pendant, whether pearl or diamond, can make you the center of attention. A pendant is so gorgeous that it shows the nobleness of a female so incisively and vividly. Generally speaking, a pendant is not very expensive, so, just choose one that suits you, or give away a nice pendant to your loved friend, and enjoy the beautiful moment completely!



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