Epson WorkForce 600 Printer Review

As I was browsing the Internet to look for a printer (because the one that I was using is already on its retirement age), I came upon Epson WorkForce 600. I looked for the specs and I was really impressed with what I saw, and after thinking for few days if this is the best purchase, I realized that this one is the right printer for my small-scale business.

This printer really provides features that I need. I run a small computer shop that is located near a school, which means that most of my clients are students. Serving this kind of customers, it is really important that my printer can provide faster performance. And fortunately enough, the WorkForce has a 38 ppm copy speed capacity. With this impressive feature, this product is two times faster compared to most jet printers.

Despite its faster speed performance, the printer does not sacrifice the quality of pictures it can produce. With this device, people are rest assured that the inks on their documents are water-resistant which means that there will be no smudge even if they accidentally spill water on their copies.

One of the most notable features of this printer is the connectivity. With Wi-Fi Technology and Ethernet Network, I can easily transfer data without having connected through USB also.

The most impressive thing about this device is that I can print documents even if there is no computer. With built-in memory card slots, I can easily transfer data and files.

The only downside of WorkForce 600 is that this comes in an expensive price ($199.99) compared to its predecessors such as the WorkForce 40 and WorkForce 30 series which cost $129.99 and $69.99 respectively.

For those people who have limited budget, the two cheaper models from WorkForce series are good alternatives since these also provide the same copying speed performance and water-resistant inks also found in WorkForce 600.

Meanwhile, for those consumers who are thinking about purchasing WorkForce 30 considering that this one is the cheapest among the three models, they have to realize that this printer lacks connectivity such as Wi-Fi Technology and Ethernet Network. But still, I would recommend this because the specs are quite impressive given the fact that its price is relatively cheap.

The common feature of WorkForce series is that all these have been designed to provide low power consumption, which has been proven to use three times less power than conventional laser printers.

In terms of warranty, I am quite satisfied with the 2-year service contract the WorkForce 600 provides which means that in case of technical breakdown, I would have no problem whatsoever.

I really think that this printer is probably the best investment I made since this has provided all the basic functions which I need to run my computer cafe business. With this printer that provides added functions such as fax and other office applications, I saved money because I don’t have to buy other equipment for my business.


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