Equipment Rental Marketing Ideas

Specialized equipment can be very expensive and few companies are able to provide such a major expenditure on something that may only be used once or twice. To fill this necessary niche, equipment rental businesses can provide a much more affordable alternative for such needs. The equipment rental companies therefore must develop ways to increase their presence so that a business, which needs a major piece of equipment for a one-time project, will know where to come for the best deal. As with any business, promotional marketing ideas can be the deciding factor on whether an equipment rental company survives or fails.

One always effective form of promotional marketing is to give demonstrations of the equipment for rent. Such venues as county fairs, civic festivals or even self-created public displays can leave a lasting impression on prospective customers. Coordinated events held with the manufacturers of the equipment you have for rent can save money as well as add to the brand association that you would need to succeed.

Offering bonuses or discounts on some of the services or equipment associated with the full needs of a project can provide incentive for new customers to give your business a chance to provide better service than your competitors. New Customer Only bonuses always bring in a few bargain hunters and good service often retains them as steady clients after the initial transaction.

Everyone likes to feel special and many equipment rental marketing ideas can be devised to help the customer feel they are highly valuable to you. Just as the airlines offer frequent-flyer miles, an equipment rental company can customize special deals and discount pricing for repeat customers on an aggregate basis.

Along similar lines, offering free trails can bring in inquisitive new customers. Bringing in new customers is critical as it has been demonstrated throughout the ages that once a customer finds a satisfactory place to do business, they will usually remain with a company they are familiar with. The bit of loss you may take on the initial trial can be amply rewarded over the subsequent years by return business.

A monthly newsletter to your clientele can be made into a much anticipated communication if you provide special “newsletter only” deals. Free samples or donations are also customer-pleasing activities and something as simple as throwing in some necessary maintenance supplies will not only help make the customer happy but can provide better off-site care for the rented equipment.

A website on the Internet is another valuable resource available to promote an equipment rental business. Not only will it provide detailed information on the types of equipment that you rent but also your terms and conditions. Offering special promotion codes for added discounts or other value-added items can provide your customer with all they need to decide to do business with your company.

Just as equipment rentals are needed daily, your promotional offers should change frequently. Where one offer may be for large equipment, the next may deal with a smaller item or a piece of equipment that has only seasonal uses. As with any business, keeping your equipment rental offers fresh and topical will help keep your customers interested in seeing what you may offer them next.


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