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Erasable Ballpoint Pen The Erase Away by Zebra


Zebra Erase Away Erasabel Pens

As I mentioned earlier this month, the folks from Zebra were nice enough to send over a bunch of their new line of pens, so today we will take a look at the Zebra Erase Away Retractable and Erasable ballpoint pen.  My pen of choice isn’t usually an erasable ballpoint pen, but I still wanted to give this a fair look.


Zebra Erase Away Erasabel Pen

The Zebra Erase Away erasable ballpoint pen has a nice simple, all black design, with a soft and fairly effective white eraser.  The grip section on the pen is a nice comfortable rubber material with some dimples in it to add a bit of extra traction for those slippery finger tips.  The one thing that feels a little different is having a plunger with the eraser on it and exposed, so if you aren’t used to that it is a slightly different feeling, but  not a bad one.

Although I never really enjoy the way a ballpoint writes due to the lack of a super consistent and solid line, this offering from Zebra does at least lack any kind of rattle that you quite often get with lots of other pens, so that is a plus.


Zebra Erase Away Writing and Erasing  Sample

If you take a closer look at the writing sample here, you can see that the ink flow and strength of the line are about on par with any other ball point pen you may have used in the past.  Below the writing sample you can see where I did some sample erasing as well.  The eraser  requires very little friction to remove the ink, and it does a pretty good job with minimal amount of effort.  Although the eraser doesn’t remove 100% of the ink, it does get most of it off the paper and it does so without leaving any smudges, and a minimal amount of eraser residue.  The one tricky thing though is making sure that you use the eraser going in a North / South direction on its edge in a way that does not cause the plunger to start to retract.  Doing so will cause you to lose a bit of control over where you are erasing.

Ball points are not my cup of tea, but overall, I’d say that the Zebra Erase Away Retractable and Erasable ballpoint pen is a nice option if you are in the market for an erasable and retractable ball point pen.  It has a nice comfortable grip, no internal rattling, and a pretty effective eraser.

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