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Erasable File Folder Labels


Erasable File Labels Starter Kit by Label Once

File labels are something that we have probably all dealt with, I know that personally I’ve found myself either trying to remove or reapply labels, because I made a mistake when writing on them, and it is usually a frustrating exercise.  The folks at Label Once came up with the Erasable File Folder Labels that I picked up from Organize.com as a way to deal with the re-labeling frustration that we have probably all dealt with when it comes to our home office supplies.


Inside the Erasable File Labels Starter Kid made by Label Once

The Erasable File Label Started Kit comes with 80 sticky labels that measure 3.44″ by .59″ which are made to fit your standard letter size 3rd cut (folders with the left, center, right tabs) folders.  Additionally you also receive one Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker (not to be confused with the Fine Point Sharpie Pens) and one Label Once permanent marker ink eraser.  The labels have a slightly glossy finish on them, which made me initially think that writing on them might be difficult and require a long waiting time to dry, but fortunately this was not the case.  In my writing tests I found that you initially need to wait about 3 seconds for the ink to dry on the labels, which I think is completely acceptable.


Writing Sample on the Erasable File Folder Labels

The above close up of the labels shows you the thickness of which the Sharpie marker writes on the labels, and you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the erasable labels, there is a non-erasable “Label Once” logo printed.  As I said, you should wait about 3 seconds to let the ink completely dry on the labels before you peel them off and apply them to your folders, or you can just apply them to the folder and then write on them.


The Erasable File Folder Label After Using the Permanent Ink Eraser on the Writing Sample

The process of erasing the ink from the erasable file folder labels is fairly easy, but it does take a little more pressure than I had first assumed it might.  I guess the visual of black marker on a glossy white background put me in the mindset of using a dry erase white board, but luckily the ink on these labels does not come off THAT easy or they wouldn’t be very useful.  After coming to terms with my misguided thought process, I applied a bit more pressure with the eraser, and I saw the ink begin to come off.  Much like a typical pencil eraser, you get the little shavings of rubber fuzz as you work to remove the written text, so you will want to be sure that if you are using a pocket type folder, rather than a regular folder that just opens and closes, that you don’t get the eraser shavings stuck inside the folder.

I really like these erasable labels and think they are great for the environment so you don’t have to use so many labels or destroy folders trying to replace the labels.  These seem like a great item to have on hand for any home office.  For some reason I can’t find these Erasable File Folder Labels on the Organize.com website even though I just ordered them recently, but they do also currently have Erasable Hanging File Folder Labels For Index Tabs, Erasable Labels for Binders, and Erasable Storage Box Labels available.

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