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Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder


Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder

You may remember a while ago that we featured an ergonomic clipboard from inventor Jared Joyce.  It was presented on the social product development site Quirky and is back again with a major enhancement and needs your votes and support to make it to the next round where it will be considered for production.  Today I wanted to share the update with you and also revisit the benefits of the original design.  You can check out the Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder page on Quirky and show your support by voting for it.


Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder with iPad

What’s new about the Ergonomic Clipboard and Tablet Holder?

I think it is obvious from the name that since the original submission on Quirky that its now been upgraded to hold a tablet as well as just being a paper pad holding clipboard.  The ergonomic clipboard and tablet holder now gives you the added comfort and convenience of having an ergonomic grip for your tablet as well as some extra surface area for resting  your wrist as you use your tablet.  Attaching your tablet to this does increase the surface area, but it provides value by making it much more comfortable to hold.  This is a benefit if you are going to be doing lots of work on your tablet while not sitting at a desk.  I think this would be a great tool for medical professionals or sales professionals that rely on the convenience of a tablet while also being on their feet for long periods of time.

What exactly are the benefits of the original and new ergonomic clipboard and tablet?

The ergonomic clipboard has multiple curves along each side that allow for various hand grips.  The different sections were actually designed by evaluating the elbow to wrist measurements of people heights 5′-0″ to 6′-04″ so that there are various comfortable ways to hold this depending on your size.  No other clipboard even comes close to providing a comfortable grip like this.  Every other clipboard I have seen has the traditional straight edges that just force your hand and wrist into awkward and unnatural positions when using them.  The design of this ergonomic clipboard and tablet holder would most likely prevent any sort of excessive muscle strain while using a clipboard for extended periods of time.

Why should I support this on Quirky?

Good question, I’ve got a few answers for you:

1. By signing up on Quirky you have the opportunity to influence tons of cool products that inventors and creative folks like yourself are trying to get manufactured.  In addition to voting for products that you think should get manufactured and providing feedback on things like features, names, and designs, you can also earn money on these products if they make it to market.  For every product that you influence by voting on or submitting ideas on, you automatically earn a percentage of every unit sold if the product goes to market.  You might only earn .001% per sale, but but if a $10 product sells a million units you can eventually earn a nice little chunk of money.

2. Its free and you can earn money from each sale.

3. You are helping support hard working and creative individuals like you and I that are trying to break the mold of the traditional product development process.

4. As a lover of cool office supplies you are helping to promote more innovation in the industry which is always a good thing.

OK, now lets go influence this.

I hope those are some convincing reasons and we can help get this product pushed into the next stage of voting.  It only needs about 80 more votes to reach the next threshold where it will be considered for development.  I know that we can accomplish that based on how many great readers we have here.  On any given day there are more than 80 visitors to this site before I even wake up in the morning.  From a selfish perspective I have to say it would be kind of cool to see all of our great readers show their passion for cool office supplies and go vote for this product so we can see it become a reality.  Let’s see what we can do with our passion for cool office supplies and get this product moved to the next round.

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