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Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam by Handstands Products


Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Logitech MX

Normally I like to get a photo of the product in its package for my reviews, but for this Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam, I completely ruined the package so that wasn’t possible for this review.  For some reason I’ve put off having a mouse pad for years now, so I finally broke down and bought this one when I saw it on Amazon because I was tired of not having one, and taking the finish off of my desk that I probably need to replace anyway. Oh, and before I forget, the mouse that you see pictured is my Logitech Wireless MX, which I love, it isnt cheap, but it is a great mouse.


Ergonomic Mouse Pad Top View

This particular ergonomic mouse pad measures 9″ long by about 8 1/2″ wide at its largest points, and tapers to a width of about 4 1/2″ towards the top.  Hopefully from the first photo above you can see that the thickness of the mouse pad also changes from one end to the other starting at about 1/2″ thick while it works its way up to the thickest part which measures about 7/8″.  This gradual taper really makes for a comfortable mousing experience because it lets your hand and wrist rest at a pretty natural and comfortable angle, with any of the pressure on your wrist being supported by the memory foam on the mouse pad.  I’ve never had issues with carpal tunnel myself, so I can’t speak to the claims, but the package and description do claim that this mouse pad helps to prevent carpal tunnel.  The surface of the mouse pad similar to most others, it is a very smooth and silky black material, but even with the sloping angle, you don’t have to worry about the mouse sliding off, but it does glide over the surface effortlessly.


Ergonomic Mouse Pad Back Grip

The back of the Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam is covered with a nice micro-waffle grip pattern that does an excellent job of keeping it in place on my desk.  To date I’ve not had any issues with it sliding or even slipping the slightest bit.  The rubber does have a very faint smell to it, which has not bothered me, but I know some people can be very sensitive to smells like this so I wanted to mention it.

Overall the ergonomic mouse pad is doing a fantastic job so far, and I am glad that I bought it.  One thing to be aware of though is the density and firmness of the memory foam that makes up the majority of the pad.  If you look at the main photo on the Amazon page for it, you will see that they show a deep hand imprint being left on the surface of the ergonomic mouse pad.  I can tell you that this is clearly not representative of the actual response you get when putting pressure on it.  At best the surface holds the shape of what you press down on it for about 1/2 second, so I am not sure why they selected this image.  They probably should have gone with an image of maybe someone pinching it with their thumb an index finger instead.  Regardless of the picture, it is a great little mouse pad and it is really comfortable, if you are looking for an Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam this is probably your best and maybe only option.

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