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Essential Guide to Women’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts

  • By Anastasia Koko
  • Published 08/31/2012

While everyone has their own personal taste relating to the clothes and colours they like to wear, style is about an overall effect in terms of how you put an outfit together and how you wear it. This comes down to knowing yourself, since the type of style that suits one woman might not necessarily look good on another woman’s particular body shape.

The following guide series will give ladies some top style tips to ensure you look effortlessly chic. Especially if you enjoy a trendy modern style, you will also get some help with this by opting to shop at affordable online designer outlets such as Glass Boutique.

Worst Fashion No-No’s

To begin with, here are the main faux-pas for women’s style if you want to avoid the fashion police:

    · Sizing – embrace your body shape, since wearing suitably sized clothes that hang well will make you look good no matter what your size.

    · Colours & Patterns – too many colours thrown together tend to leave a confused, messy impression, so it’s always best to stick with only two or three different hues. In addition, it’s important to know what colours clash with or compliment your hair and skin tone. When it comes to busy patterns, less is definitely more.

    · Co-ordination – it’s wise to shop for a wardrobe of clothes that you can mix and match easily; this will also save you from clashingly bad choices.

    · Accessories – these can really make an outfit, but don’t overdo it.

    · Fabrics & Timing – it’s always a fashion no-go to wear fabrics that are not suited to the season, not to mention a sure way to feel uncomfortably hot or cold, such as wearing a light summer dress in winter or a heavy knit suit in summer. In the same vein, always make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion, whether smart or casual or somewhere in-between.

    · Presentation – if you buy materials that wrinkle easily, always have an iron on the ready since looking like you slept in your clothes all night will drastically destroy the way they hang on your body.

    · Underwear – even a minor wardrobe malfunction such as a bra strap or slip hem that hangs out in plain view will surely strip the elegance from any outfit.

    · Skirt Length – an overly short skirt might get lots of looks from men, but this is certainly the wrong kind of attention.

    · Shoes – even the most stunning outfit can be ruined by scruffy or mismatched shoes. Unless you’re off for a jog, be sure they’re in good nick and match your outfit or stockings.

    · Make-up – without a doubt, the rule of thumb when it comes to cosmetics is to be reasonably minimal during the day, while allowing yourself to indulge in stronger colours at night.

My final two points of caution are to resist becoming a slave to fashion (what might look good on a ridiculously thin model on the catwalk might look rather awkward on a normal sized woman), and to never let yourself get stuck in a rut by constantly wearing the exact same outfits.

Style Tip 1 – Individual Body Shape

Women come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – it’s crucial to have an understanding of what type of clothes do and don’t look good on your particular body:


If you’ve been born with natural height, be careful of wearing clothes that make you look ungainly or out of balance. Your skirt length should not be too long or too short, and try to wear blouses over trousers so as not to make your torso look too short. Also avoid clothes that are overly tight, as this could make you look too lanky.


Women with a small frame should avoid chunky clothes and very strong prints. Rather go for fitted shapes and soft fabrics with subtle contrasts of colour and texture. Narrow belts would also be a complementary accessory. The general idea is to keep your outfit streamlined so as not to cut the body in half (this would make you look more diminutive).


Unless you want to draw gawks from every passing male on the street, ladies with a large bust should wear appealing skirts and trousers with strong prints, colours and textures to draw attention away from the top half of their body. Another tip is to wear a single block of colour as this is thinning. Definitely steer clear of eye-catching tops – opt instead for coloured shirts in dark hues which are loose fitting and waist hugging, plus long jackets that draw the eye downwards.

Pear Shaped

If you have a very curvy body at the hips, vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits up the side will be your best friend. Other complimentary styles would be straight A-line skirts to just below the knee, dark tights plus shoes matching your blouse, and tops that hang past the hips. Further tips are to choose shirts with a classic cut in lighter colours and V or Y- shaped necklaces to draw the eye away from your hips.


If your body is naturally rectangular shaped, the best way forward to give yourself a more curvy appearance is to wear patterned fabrics, feminine knit sweaters with a round neckline and a round necklace or scarf.


Women should celebrate their unique shape and size rather than conform to an impossible standard – using the above tips to help you make some savvy clothing choices, you will certainly make the most of your individual beauty. In addition, it always helps to opt for clothing designers that suit your fashion preferences – the good news is that many online retailers such as Glass Boutique (http://www.glassboutique.co.uk) offer trendy modern clothing at very affordable prices.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is an independent fashion retailer and Glass Boutique fashion enthusiast.



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