Essential Items Needed for a Newborn


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Parenting 
Published on 05-19-2009

As you await the arrival of your new baby, you should start to gather the essential items you need for a newborn. It can be difficult to remember everything you need especially in the excitement of awaiting your new bundle of joy. Use this article as a starting guide to help you get everything you need for the new baby. This is not an all-inclusive list but rather a starting point for some of the most important baby items that you need.

You will want to have a stock of baby clothes. Make certain to have several onesies. You can purchase these with both long and short sleeves. Have clothes in a variety of different sizes. It is actually better for you to have baby clothes that are a little too big rather than too small. Make certain to have jackets and coats available depending upon the season of the year your baby is due.

If you are expecting a new baby, you will need somewhere for the baby to sleep. This will probably be a crib or a bassinet. If you are using a crib, you will need bumper pads. In addition, you will want to have fitted sheets for the crib. Do some research online or in parenting books for tips on selecting a safe crib and accessories. You will also want to purchase water resistant pads to protect the crib or other areas the baby will sleep from times when they wet through their diapers and clothes.

There are several items that you will want to have in your bathroom before your baby arrives. Make certain you have a baby thermometer. You will want to purchase infant Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It will be in a liquid form. Purchase some medicine droppers as well as a bulb syringe. Be sure to have a first aid kit well stocked and ready before the baby arrives.

Purchase baby shampoo, oil, lotion and shampoo for bath time. You will also want to have some hooded towels for your baby. Find a baby bathtub for bath time when your baby is old enough for regular baths. Stock up on wash clothes for the baby.

Stock up on diapers before your baby arrives. You will also want to have a diaper bin. If you will be using wet wipes, you will want to have them on hand as well. Determine if you will use diapers that are disposable or cloth diapers well before you are expecting your baby.

Some other items you will need for your baby are baby monitors. You will want to purchase a baby stroller. Before you take the baby home from the hospital, you will need to have a car seat. This car seat must be one that is approved for infants. Remember to do research on car seats so that you can purchase the one that is safest and ideal for your baby.

With some preparation you can have most of what you need for your new baby. Don’t worry if you need to purchase some things after the baby arrives.


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