Essential Items to Bring When Camping Camping Gear Guide


Authored by Johnny Dunn in Outdoors
Published on 03-13-2009

Camping is one of the greatest recreational activities that everyone can enjoy, whether they be an urban family looking for some quality time or a group of friends wanting to get away. If you are planning to camp often you might want to invest in some nicer, longer-lasting equipment. Use the following items below as a checklist and expand on them if you need to.

1. Tents

Tents are the traditional means of shelter for campers for a very good reason. They are affordable, easy to set up, and very effective. They can range from 100 to 500 dollars and there are several different types of tents. Buy the one that suits your needs and check the weather; if there might be any chance of rain, buy a waterproof tent. The thicker the tent, the more protection it offers, and you can even cover the tents with carps for additional protection.

2. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are a must for keeping warmth and comfort during the night (the coldest time when camping). Buy a waterproof one if there is going to be rain. Buy one with lots and lots of insulation, you’ll need it.

3. Tools for Cooking

You need to eat, right? Cooking on the campfire is fun, but it is not as effective as the many other cooking tools available. There are many portable grills that give you a means of grilling meats and heating sources so you don’t have to actually build a fire. Coolers are useful to keep foods from spoiling as well.

4. Clothing

You have to buy hiking boots and shoes; camping in tennis shoes or high heels is not recommended nor smart. Dress appropriately for the weather and remember, there will be no climate control when you camp outside. Bring some extra layers of clothing in case it gets too cold to avoid getting pneumonia.

5. First-Aid Kit

Camping is fun, but it is also dangerous. You never know what you may run into when you go into the wild. First-aid kits are a necessity. Even the most minor of cuts can lead to the nastiest of infections and they can even be life-threatening. Avoid all of this with a basic first-aid kit and it is advised you camp with someone who knows basic first-aid. Make sure that it is in a tough water-proof container to avoid damage to the kit.

6. Books

Books can definitely help your camping experience. Bring a book with scary tales to tell around a campfire, or books about survival in case of emergencies. They can even help you identify wildlife and different types of animals you may encounter while camping.

7. Other Utilities

Remember, camping can quickly turn into a dangerous thing. Bring a swiss army knife in case you ever need any of the tools. A map and a compass are recommended in case you ever get lost. Bring a map and a compass in case you get lost, and a SAT phone can be life-saving in those cases too.


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