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Essential of the graceful boots completely enhance elegance

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/30/2011
  • Fiction

As a senior fashion people, you can not live without the companying of boots. Ankle boots are very popular in this season. After selecting the elegant boots, you can enjoy the beauty of these harvests.  Nude ankle boots bring people the sense of quiet comfort and warmth. If matched with a long suit, this outfit will be full of fashion and modern. Thick crust ankle boots are matching well with the leggings, which comes up with a solid feel, and will highlight the slender of the lower body. With a red and black Plaid skirt and black jacket, this will be a classic. Modified with metal buttons, the silver-gray suit is gorgeous and full of texture. If there adds a pair of shorts and a high-heeled ankle boots, you will look lavish and generous. The beautiful yellow wool coat with knee-length shorts, cool it is! Shorts accompanied by the thick leggings, you can gain both grace the temperature. Then put on a brown black color boots, it is that simple to shape the stylish and pretty dress. It is the warm afternoon. What kind of dress is suitable under the sun? Wine red boots bring the fashion flavor. Modifying the back with the plush fabrics will add the feeling of warmth. And it will even pretty if matching with a short sweater. Black leather shoes with the overall black dress are cool and full the charm of the reckless performance of women. Do not forget to wear a stocking cap which is hot in this season. Lace ankle boots will stretch the calf to modify a tall figure. The matching of ankle boots and leggings are fairly perfect, which not only highlights the thin legs, but the glamour of stylish.  Big brown wool coat is stylish and casual, along with a printed stocking cap, you will be a perfect image of youthful and fashion.



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