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Establishing Medical Malpractice Liability

  • By Ross Brown
  • Published 01/2/2012
  • Article Writing

Medical malpractice is a legal term. This refers to incidents where a patient receives mistreatment from a medical practitioner. This has become a common affair in today’s world. Almost everyday you will come across some news about people dying due to the physician’s negligent act. Sometimes this act turns out to be fatal and the patient’s condition worsens due to the mistreatment or failure to treat some illness on time. There are unfortunate people who have died due to this negligent act by the physician. You take your loved one to the physician with the hope that he/she will receive right treatment. You have the right to expect that the doctor will cure the patient or at least will be able to determine the illness. Nothing is more unfortunate than sustaining fatal injuries due to the person you have trusted with your loved one’s life.

There are incidents where the patient died after being treated by a set of expensive, well qualified doctors. And the death occurred because the doctors had not bothered to take a blood sample test in the two years of diagnosis. The patient died of blood cancer and the doctors had been treating her for cold and fever. The parents of the little girl had spent their life’s savings and yet the resu

lt of such an intense effort was zero.

You should not allow this to happen. Fight for your right. The doctors make mistakes. True a human being can make mistake but most of the times they make mistake because they are negligent. Not taking the blood sample test in two years is not excusable. Hire an experienced Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice attorney to file for compensation in such a case.

Remember that establishing medical malpractice liability is not easy. To receive maximum amount of compensation you will have to establish that the injury or the death had occurred because of the negligent act of a medical practitioner. In addition to this you will have to establish that if right care had been taken in right time the life of the patient could have been saved, that the patient had not received the treatment for the illness he/she had been suffering from.

The attorney handling this type of lawsuit should have some knowledge of medical science as he/she will have to explain to the jury in simple language the medical complication and the failure to take care of it. Moreover, this type of legal case requires the expertise of other physicians. Your attorney should have enough resources to bring such experts when required. 


Ross Brown is a legal consultant.

by Ross Brown



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