Estimating your Budget for Your Cruise Vacation

Whether you have the capacity to spend money or not, expenses are a primary concern when it comes to taking a vacation. Often, you try to make the best possible estimate of the total cost before you book a vacation. If you are taking your next vacation aboard a cruise ship, the following tips are helpful when you try to estimate your expenses.

The first thing to do is to find a particular cruise line or ship that offers the vacation that you want and can afford. It will not be helpful if you try to go on a cruise that is beyond what your savings allow you. You might end up regretting instead of relaxing.

A thing to remember is that there are cruise lines that offer all-inclusive packages. Of course, this may seem too much at first because they are more expensive than the regular cruises, but what we are talking about is a package where all expenses are included such as food and beverages, cabin use, and some forms of entertainment such as free entrance to the casino, dance halls, or movie theaters aboard the ship. You only have to worry about the things that you personally want to spend on. It is easier to estimate expenses when you book for an all-inclusive package.

On the other hand, if you are not able to avail of an all-inclusive cruise, you have to bring more money to spend because rates for food and entertainment can be more expensive than what you expect. The cost of food and beverage is harder to estimate than that of entertainment. You do not know how much you can eat aboard depending on the choices and on your tastes. Menus offered onboard are not usually found on websites. The advice is to overestimate the money you will spend on food and beverages.

Alternatively, entertainments have fixed rates that are more often than not, available in cruise ship websites or when you ask them directly. These amenities include watching movies or theater performances as well as rock climbing, onboard surfing, swimming lessons, dance lessons, and gambling lessons, too.

In terms of gambling in cruise ship casinos, cost can vary depending on your preference. A tip is to determine beforehand the highest amount that you want to spend on gambling and to be very certain that you will not exceed the amount.

Another thing to consider is the place where the ship leaves and its destination. If it departs far from your own place, that can only mean additional expenses on your part. To help you save, you might want to compare the costs of traveling by plane, bus, or train and driving your own car just to get to the cruise ship’s departure port.

Lastly, buying souvenirs is popular in any type of vacation. A cruise ship vacation is no exemption. In general, make a good estimate by considering whom you’re buying gifts for and make sure that you will stick to your budget.


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