Etiquette for Baby Showers

The best news about etiquette for baby showers is that most people today agree that the old rules no longer apply. While it is nice to consider old-fashioned ideas if elderly friends or family members will attend, baby showers for today’s moms-to-be are limited only by personal preference and common sense. This opens up many options for a great baby shower which everyone will surely enjoy.

In the past, it was considered inappropriate for the new mom’s own mother to host a baby shower. Even if she wanted to do so, she generally complied with old-fashioned etiquette, and left hosting the shower to one of the new mom’s friends. Today, this is not necessary. Anyone who is delighted about the upcoming birth of a new baby can host this celebration.

Etiquette also used to state that baby showers should take place shortly before the newcomer’s birth. Having a shower in early pregnancy was usually avoided, because there was the concern that something might go wrong during the pregnancy. Showers after the birth rarely happened, either. With modern technology and personal preference on one’s side, baby showers today can take place at any time after the mom-to-be discovers she is pregnant, or after the baby is born.

Baby showers today often include gifts for the new mom, as well as for the baby. As everyone realizes her important role, treating the mom-to-be to something extra-special can be a wonderful highlight to the shower. While this is appropriate no matter how many other children she may have, it is especially nice if she already has plenty of baby clothing, toys, and supplies on hand. If you do not wish to duplicate items which she already owns, making gifts for the mom-to-be the main focus of the shower is perfectly acceptable today.

These days, it is considered to be appropriate to invite men to baby showers. The new dad-to-be, grandpa, uncles or even close male friends can host a baby shower. As everyone who has a special place in the life of the mom-to-be shares in her joy, this is a lovely alternative to the traditional concept of men not being welcome at baby showers.

Proper etiquette does mean that common sense and basic respect for others is important. If you are attending a baby shower, you should arrive on time, and take your cue from the host or hostess about when to leave. It is also good manners to not try to “outdo” other guests with the gifts you choose. It can be helpful for you to compare notes with other guests, or with the hostess, regarding appropriate types of gifts and a general price range.

If you are the person who has decided to host a baby shower, taking the new mom into consideration is the first concern. Whether she is currently pregnant, or whether she has just given birth, it is wise to assume that she is tired and busy. This means it is a good idea to schedule the baby shower at a time that is convenient for her, to have it last for a reasonable length of time, and to not plan activities which could be too strenuous or taxing her energy.

There are not nearly as many limitations and rules regarding baby showers today as in the past. To be sensible, and to take everyone into consideration, is all you need to know to make the shower a success that the mom-to-be and guests will long remember.


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