Eusing Freeware Registry Cleaner Beefs Up Your PC for Top Performance


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Software
Published on 12-27-2008

Does you computer crash often? Do you notice that your computer has been underperforming lately? Are there error messages popping up when you start your computer? If you have done other maintenance tasks like defragmenting your hard disk and virus checking and the problem persists, then you may need a registry fix.

You system registry is where settings of hardware and records of installed software and even changes you make to your system are stored. For example, when you install a software a record of the installation will be stored in the Windows Registry

Registry problems occur due to files left behind or new files created during software uninstallation. It could also be due to corrupt hardware drivers, missing DLLs and invalid paths among others.

Inexperienced computer users would think that it is time to format the hard disk and start anew. However, this is not really necessary. All the computer needs is a little registry spring cleaning which you can undertake easily with the aid of a registry cleaner software. Although there are paid versions of registry cleaner software available, we are here going to discuss the Eusing Freeware Registry Cleaner.

There are fears among certain quarters that some registry cleaners end up messing up the registry instead of troubleshooting and fixing errors. You can lay your fears to rest because this freeware registry cleaner has been reviewed by such a renowned magazine as PC Magazine UK which described Eusing as one of the best free tools for cleansing and optimizing your Registry. It has also been endorsed by the PC World magazine.

So, you should have no qualms about using this freeware registry cleaner. The freeware works on systems running on Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP and the latest version also supports Vista.

What Eusing does upon installation is ask which files and folders you would like to scan. To simply matters you could choose My Computer and this will ensure that your whole systems is thorough analyzed and checked for errors.

Among the items Eusing will clean up are:

  • missing shared DLLs
  • redundant file extensions
  • invalid help files
  • invalid paths
  • invalid startup programs

Many a PC user has been prompted to delete certain registry files and when they do their system malfunctions. Eusing protects against this by creating a backup of the registry before it flushes out invalid entries. If by any chance there’s system instability, you can revert to the old registry by using the Restore option. There is also the added feature of making a manual back up of the registry. This is called a full backup and you have to save the backup in a particular location in your hard disk. A manual back up is advisable in case of an emergency. Backing up to an external hard disk is a wise option.

More often than not you will find that your PC will perform better after a cleaning session. All you have to do next is maintain regular registry cleaning to keep your PC in a tip-top condition.


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