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Event Jobs an Overview

For those who are looking for a career with a difference, working in the event jobs sector offers variety and the opportunity to make a very public difference. Whether it is a motor show, a Premier League match or arranging corporate hosting packages for Wimbledon, the events sector is unrivalled for its breadth of projects.

Once the planning and coordination work leading up to an event has been completed, then there is the on-the-day management of the event. To take an example, an operations manager at a Premier League football stadium might have upwards of 300 staff on site during a match, serving hamburgers to the fans and chateaubriand to the Directors and football managers after the match. At that level, a high degree of organisation and people management skills is required, with an ability to think on one’s feet under pressure.

The main avenue to working in events is to join a dedicated events company and these can range from one-stop-shops (such as those who organise company days out or team building events) to specialist events companies such as those that focus on audio-visual productions (for example making films of concerts). An alternative approach is to join an in-house events department such as may be found in a major company. Many leading companies own properties which they use for conferences, training and staff other events. These venues will be run by a small team fully engaged on the company’s events diary, and filling in gaps with external bookings.

Then there are dedicated teams such as may be found at a racecourse or football stadium, where corporate hosting has to be organised. One route into a career in this sub-sector is to join a large specialist provider which may have a large range of venues under its management.

About the Author : Emily Inglis is a supporter of event jobs



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