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Evernote Post It Super Sticky Notes Guest Blogger Needed

Evernote Post-it Notes by 3M

We are looking for a guest blogger to help us out with a review of the recently announced Evernote Post It Super Sticky Notes.  Check below for details on what we are looking for from a potential guest blogger.  If we pick you, we will send you the products to review once they become available.


If you think you meet the criteria to write about the Evernote Post It Note collection here at , scroll to the very bottom of the page where it says “About/Contact Us” and send us an email letting us know why we should pick you to be our lucky guest reviewer of these.  Here are some helpful tips to share in your email that will make you a stand out candidate for the potential guest blogging spot for the Evernote Post It Note review.

Do you:

-Have a Google+ Account with lots of people that have you in circles?

-Have a blog of your own where you write reviews, have content about stationery, organizing or other related items?

-Write great content somewhere that you can show us a sample of?

-Currently use Evernote?

If you meet any of those criteria, and are interested in writing about the Evernote Post It products such as the Super Sticky Notes or the Big Pad Collection, let us know.  There will definitely be other criteria such as the ability to take decent photographs of the products, and other things that we may not have thought of yet.  With that in mind, sell us on why you should b selected to review these for us and and email us to let us know why.  Links and or samples of work are a big plus too.  Good luck to everyone, looking forward to some great potential contributors.

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